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Quote: Repetition

“You do best what you do most.” – Anonymous

Stephen Quammie

Red Wine

Her wine fueled touch tempts me.
How am I supposed to behave with her lips tracing along my neck, staining my body with desire?
She doesn’t want surrender, she wants exploration. 265 more words

Stephen Quammie

Day For Night (Midnight Sun)

I belong to the night, where my worries have been put to rest.
You belong to the day while your dreams chase the Sun.
We meet only in passing, long enough to glimpse moments filled with countless words. 148 more words

Stephen Quammie

Quotes: Find Myself

“I was never concerned with where I would find myself, only when.” – Stephen Quammie

Sometimes I find myself in the littlest moments, saying or doing something, and I smile to myself thinking “This feels right, this is what I should be doing”.

Stephen Quammie

Something in the Night

Show me your story as I look into your eyes

When your soul’s curious your body follows suit
The more we see, the more we wish to know… 131 more words

Stephen Quammie


When my wants have replaced my needs, reckless poetry fills my every action.
Can’t keep calm when my heart is burning up, engulfed whole.

A deep desire rising to the surface, like a volcano raging in the night. 172 more words

Stephen Quammie