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OCALICON 2014 Mini-Series: Making Sense of Sensory Issues

In the previous two OCALICON posts, I reviewed thoughts and ideas related to preparing teachers and caregivers to prepare individuals on the autism spectrum for success in school and the workplace. 2,202 more words

Assignment 1: Research

My inspiration for the Assignment 1 has come from a number of research materials that have proved useful in deciding the levels of contrast in my photographs and how they will eventually be displayed. 216 more words

Developing And Understanding Photographic Practice

Assignment 1: First set of Photographs

Since my previous post, the foundations of my Assignment 1 have completely changed. It became obvious after a meeting with Matt that my initial ideas of British stereotypes or Scars were not panning out, so i’ve decided to save Scars for a future project, whether it be for educational purposes or a personal project. 232 more words

Developing And Understanding Photographic Practice

Assignment Two

The photographer that was chosen for me was Stephen Shore. I was fine with this as I had been researching into the Topographic movement the week before so I knew some of the leading figures and also some of Shores work. 340 more words


American Snapshots 3

Sight, Unseen: A Collection of Colour Photographs from the US, 1940 to 1960
Because these photographs are both ‘found’ and ‘anonymous’, and furthermore because they date from a time when the ‘art’ photograph was almost invariably in black and white, it is easy for the viewer to assume a more ‘innocent’ process at work in the mind of their creator. 703 more words


Assignment 3

The brief:

Take about four photographs each (16 altogether) that illustrate the following colour relationships:

  • colour harmony through complementary colours
  • colour harmony through similar colours…
  • 5,751 more words
Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore is an American photographer known for his images of banal scenes and objects within America. He is also known as being a pioneer in the colour movement and helped introduce colour into more serious photography since at the time, colour was only used for advertising work and wasn’t taken seriously with much else. 444 more words