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An Ode to Stephen Wiltshire

Around the world, many disabled (read: differently-abled) people have made their mark by showing undying enthusiasm and courage to live in a society that is essentially a worshiper of beauty and brains. 723 more words

I’m Autistic but Look, I’m An Artist too!

Autism. What comes to mind? Withdrawal, incurable disorder, uncoordinated, structured concrete thinker, or even social deficit? Well you see, this may be true, but the real question is, does it always limit one’s ability to progress in life? 2,929 more words


Guess who was in Singapore?

Stephen Wiltshire!

Or the human camera as people like to call him. On the occasion of Singapore’s 50th birthday next year, this British savant, also an architectural illustrator was invited to work his magic, a.k.a sketch the Singapore panorama on a 4m x 1m sheet of paper over 5 days, from memory – which was made during an hour long helicopter ride viewing the skyline. 343 more words

Daily Vignettes

Stephen Wiltshire

I feel so honored to be able to meet Stephen and watch him draw live in Singapore at this stage when I am learning to sketch. 43 more words

Urban Sketch

Sunday notes

A quick little post just to stop myself from binge-watching Orange is the New Black (current favourite show, could gush non-stop about it). Also received a nasty shock when WordPress informs me that I have used up 85% of my allowed space, meaning I have to either delete my past entries or commit to buying extra space annually. 286 more words