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A short excerpt from Hesse's Steppenwolf

All interpretation, all psychology, all attempts to makes things comprehenisble, require the medium of theories, mythologies and lies; and a self-respecting author should not omit, at the close of an exposition, to dissipate these lies so far as may be in his power. 44 more words


Classic Rock 2

Many people feel that Deep Purple Machine Head was the forerunner to metal. I agree since Rickie Blackmore went on to metal fame after being in this band when they recorded this album. 75 more words

God Damn the Armaments Man (thanks to God damn the Pusher , Steppenwolf)


Yes, you: the one who manufactures and

pushes weapons anywhere in the world,

served so well by servile governments:

God damn you… 346 more words

Magic Carpet Ride, Part 2

If you were around when Steppenwolf released Magic Carpet Ride in 1968, you may also have taken magic carpet rides with various mind-expanding (and blowing) psychedelics, like LSD and mescaline. 480 more words



I have spent most of my life working under a rule my mom gave me/made me adopt sometime around the fourth grade. Maybe earlier? Anyway, I had worked my way all through Nancy Drew and had gotten used to the formula. 348 more words

Atlas Shrugged

Book Review: Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse

I read this book on a twenty four hour train journey surrounded by the bourgeois. It was a terrifying experience. The book didn’t change my life and was not meant to, but it gave me hope and hope is always a good thing. 171 more words

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Let The Sound Take You Away

My skin shifted on the sticky leather car seat as it curved left onto Main Street in the dinky town I would eventually call home for twenty years. 734 more words