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The Nutcracker: bougie beauty

My mother loved opera, I like opera.  I love ballet, she liked ballet. Complementary tastes, with plenty of overlap.

In the last 5 years of her life, the Metropolitan Opera in New York City began its… 647 more words


Beautiful Life (LGBTQ): My Wonderful Daughter & Her Struggle for Acceptance

I haven’t mentioned very much about my oldest daughter as of yet.  She’s twelve-years-old, turning thirteen next month, and she’s a tremendous person who has gone through a lot in the last two years. 456 more words


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Another by the same blogger, for today's blog theme (in a way)...

Gender Bending: Countering Socially Constructed Gender Roles in Oscar Hokeah's Work

In many Native American cultures there is an acknowledgment of both the feminine and the masculine existing inside each one of us.  Or I guess I should say this was a part of our belief systems prior to colonization.  666 more words


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Interesting blog entry re: gender roles...support his to-be-published book, if you can...

Laughter with Others

When my Mom gets her large package of humorous emails, she

likes me to read them aloud to her. Some of these she has already… 919 more words


Hungry Children: A One-Act Play

Guy in Suit: The media keep saying that there are hungry children in America.

Other Guy in Suit: Let them eat dinner.

Bleeding-Heart: That’s the problem. 358 more words

Political Correctness Makes You More Creative


Study On Avoiding Stereotypes Smashes Stereotype About Avoiding Stereotypes. Sounds like an Onion headline. The recent study at UC Berkeley reveals that encouraging workers to be politically correct—that is, to challenge and think beyond stereotypes—results in their producing more original and creative ideas. 690 more words

Scars & Gender