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Over a glass of cold coffee...

I went out to grab some cold coffee with my Mum last evening. We went to this café in the vicinity; extremely hip (with bands playing occasionally) and seemingly popular. 838 more words



I called up an old classmate to wish her on her wedding anniversary. It was her 10th and wouldn’t you know it, she had hit a rough spot in her marriage and was seriously contemplating separating. 765 more words


How Does Wikipedia Feel About Your Disability?

So you’re retarded. This means a lot of people have a lot of different ideas about you, and that they’re allowed to express them with great passion and conviction whenever they want to. 605 more words

Volunteer Advocacy Training, Night 3

The primary focus of this evening was on sexual violence or sexual assault. For starters, I have to say that the statistics are shocking all on their own. 446 more words

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Keep Pushing Forward - Focusing on mental health

A whole lot is happening

Suicide rate among men is four times the rate among women. Why? I would hypothesize that because men are supposed to be rugged, tough, and are supposed to overcome any challenge on their own, they don’t openly discuss their feelings and emotions; their role is to be impenetrable in the eyes of society. 1,027 more words

A Soldier Woman Played Her Part And Won Her Hardest Battle Now She Fights With Dignity To Support The Rights Of Others

Hey everyone. There are times, unexpected times, when you read a story in a newspaper or journal which for some reason gives you the feel good factor. 894 more words

beware the fear that makes us say 'yes'

I’ve always had a problem establishing healthy boundaries in my life.

It’s part of my personality, that perfect blend of wanting to do it all right punctuated with a performance complex. 1,258 more words