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The Thing About Stereotypes. Part 4

We are pleased to announce that a novel by one of the blog administrators has been published on amazon. The title is Dazzle me Forever. A book review is available… 1,089 more words

They call me girlie...


“You’re so girlie”

I looked up at the two ladies addressing the lady in front of me in surprise as she proceeded with an “Oh really”. 647 more words

The 100 Day Challenge

An Alphabet of Stereotypes

So, I was having a conversation with myself today about names, and I came across the name Summer. Summer. It’s a great word and a lovely name, but how many ways can you really slice a Summer? 926 more words

Girlfriend Intervention and Other Reasons Why I Hate the Strong Black Woman Trope

While in my dorm room the other night, trying to do my homework, I noticed that my roommate was watching a new TV show called Girlfriend Intervention. 573 more words


the other side of the apple

Some days ago I was a bit overwhelmed by my penis envy thoughts. It happens sometimes when I feel like too much is too much. Sometimes I just wish I was a boy and picture a simple life where the worst that could happen is erectile dysfunction in those crucial moments. 797 more words


Minority Issues: Racism

Although it is 2014, racism is still alive and well. Ten Temple students share their experiences of being racially stereotyped. 336 more words

Minority Issues