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Ok, No.

I haven’t voted at all since 1992. Never. Not once. The polling station near our house is my old school, and I had such a dreadful time there that I vowed never to darken its doors again. 330 more words

Reflections about the Power to Shape “Knowledge”

Carol A. Hand

I wish to express my deep gratitude to Miriam Schacht for helping me be able to admit something that I have carried silently throughout my professional and academic career. 2,283 more words


From a fellow teenager

The turmoils of teenage years. Supposedly the best years of our lives. I know what you’re all thinking.
If these are the best years of our lives… 259 more words

Teenage Life

A Map of British Stereotypes

Thanks to Buzzfeed (www.buzzfeed.com/tomphillips/the-definitive-stereotype-map-of-britain-and-ireland) you can now offend your way around the British Isles. Good luck with that!

What I Got Out of My Last Night Out With Friends

It was a really, really packed bar. That was a given – exams were done for the majority, and Thursday nights are big in this area. 677 more words

Gender Stereotypes in Athletic Culture

Often times in modern society, typical assumptions are attached to various sects of people. More specifically, the gender and sexuality stereotypes of athletes has become an increased topic of unnecessary attention. 553 more words