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Observations About the French

1. They really do eat a lot of bread. And if it wasn’t bought fresh that day, its no good and gets thrown out.

2. They have very few stoplights or stop signs. 191 more words

Silicone Valley

Since when is plastic surgery a synonym for stupidity?

“How could she do that to herself?” “Does she realise how ridiculous she looks?” “How vain could you be?” Just say the term plastic surgery to the majority of the public and these are the kind of responses that are most frequently brought up. 721 more words

P4C Enquiry using 'Like a Girl' advert

From Rosie Wilson, Lifeworlds Learning and Primary Teacher:

Philosophy for Children using the Like a Girl advert as a stimulus.

This was the last enquiry with my class as was (when I’d asked them what they wanted to do with me in the last few weeks Philosophy was on the list) and it was great to see their development. 377 more words


Don't Tell Women That This Doesn't Actually Happen

Do you ever see something that prompts an idea for writing, then it fades…then you see something else along the same lines and you think, well, I guess I have to write something now! 1,158 more words

Music Business

Daily Dose Of... Stereotypes

What’s that thing that makes typecasting so popular?

It’s not my big ego making me think I’m more than labels, it’s that I’m human which basically means I have: 42 more words


17 Facebook friends that everyone has

1. The traveller
Pictures include sunsets, deserted beaches, jumping and food. Lots of food.

2. The lad
Oh, you had HOW MANY pints and played HOW MANY pranks on your mate? 162 more words