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Violence and Prejudice Activities

Sue Lyle has given us permission to publish an article, ‘Violence and Prejudice‘, that she wrote for Creative Teaching and Learning (vol 5.1) which describes a number of activities using images which can be used to discuss some of the issues facing young people (particularly young women) today: 89 more words


Emma Watson, Labels, and Perpetual Pigeonholes

After Emma Watson’s speech at the UN that warranted a standing ovation, people have been either wanting to hug Emma Watson or shake her. Though the latter group is up in arms, some of these people are still misinformed on the issue, or simply not informed at all. 862 more words

Emma Watson

Another Islam is possible! (or, better said.... we must look better at it?)

…. Beyond what Islamists themselves and many miopic western politicians believe and spread as an immovable truth, Islam is not a belief from bloodthirsty – retarded – incult – intolerant – monsters. 60 more words


A Slippery Slope of Fear

Fear is a feeling and feelings are not always rationale. Fear is a choice. It is your responsibility to know the credibility of your feelings and control them if needed. 891 more words


21st Century Islamic (?) Inculture.

The cultural devastation of Mecca has radically transformed the city. Unlike Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, Mecca was never a great intellectual and cultural center of Islam.

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George is British: He likes tea, rain and David Beckham

So, how do non-native British people view English people?

This is George. George is typically English, and for this reason he likes tea. He eats… 140 more words


the new F-word

” I didn’t think this would define my whole life”

Emma Watson, 80 years old in 2070.

Or what I imagine Ms Watson will say in the future when she realises what her…

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