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Taylor Swift Accused Of Perpetuating Black Stereotypes In New Music Video

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Taylor Swift at all. I borderline strongly dislike the girl and think she’s as exciting as stale bread. So this post may be a little biased. 310 more words


Always about race, never about race

One of the first lessons that I learned when I began working in the inner city housing market was, “White’s interpretation of events: it’s never about race.   117 more words

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“I’m passionate about erasing stigmas of different cultures. Whole societies can be left in the dark about what reality is vs. what the media feeds them. 47 more words

Sitcom logic explained

Ever noticed that most, if not all sitcoms feature storylines, characters, and jokes that all follow the same formula? If you haven’t, then I really would be surprised. 592 more words

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Chapter Two: Strip one “Mister Stereotypes” (Tw: Sexism)

Why the hell am I reposting? Here:





For like the fiftieth time:

Also check out  my brother’s history mah bobber doohickey thingy @: random response generator of history @ the tumblr place thing on the webs. 45 more words


Turn Down the Stereotypes

I’m a big fan of stereotypes. I think they’re funny and they lead to some easy jokes.

I’m a red-headed white guy with both Scottish and Irish heritage deep in my DNA. 613 more words

"Civil Unrest"

We’re in a nation of trigger happy candidates both black and white.

A white man hides behind a badge to perpetuate his stereotypes of black men & the false belief that their lives are expendable to justify killing them, hiding behind the premise of “just doing their job”, just filling a quota under a twisted belief that they are “protecting and serving” us. 743 more words