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Geography Club


Author: Brent Hartinger
Year: 2003
Pages: 226
Genre: Young Adult


Geography Club is the first book in the Russel Middlebrook series. Russel, our protagonist, is a high school student struggling with revealing his homosexuality to his friends and family. 325 more words

How Stereotypes Affect us All

I recently had to travel out of town for work. I went to Houston. Now I’ve never been to Texas before, and I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting, but this just wasn’t it! 601 more words

Self Help

Rhona, Where's Yer Troosers

Before the holidays got into their swing, daughter and I went down to the nearest row of shops which happen to contain a school outfitters. No sooner out the school gates, than we get kitted out with new shoes, new tops and trousers for the next school year. 238 more words


Short Little John 13:35 Note

‘They will know us by our love’ John 13:35

Not by our profound theological arguments or adherence to Christian stereotypes.

They will know that we are followers of Christ by our love. 17 more words


I Come To Me: The Love Stories of my Life

I come to me-
My naked heart in hand
Bearing all of me
Face beaming with pride
And with each stride,
Like sweat beading on a laborer’s brow- 192 more words


Bad Female Managers

Bad Female Managers

It is unlikely that you will see an article titled “Bad Male Managers,” just as you’ll likely not see an article labelled “The White Crime problem.”   While bad management spans all genders, races, and ethnicities, general aspersions from individual negative examples tend to be applied to non-white, non-male groups. 332 more words

Management & Business

Booze in the Bayou

It may just be that I haven’t paid much attention until now, but I was flipping through the local mailing advertisements and one thing stood out to me. 477 more words