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What Sterilization Method Should I Use? Autoclave, Gamma, or ETO

In the high purity process industry, sterilization is the name of the game. Sterilization is the process of eliminating all forms of life, including transmissible agents (such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and spore forms) present on a material’s surface or contained in a fluid or compound.   752 more words

High Purity Process Applications

Do I Have to Want What You Want?

No, kids give YOUR life meaning. Lots and lots of other things give my life meaning. And also, I hope kids aren’t the only thing that give your life meaning, because that makes me sad.- Laura Beck, Cosmopolitan Magazine…

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Life Lessons

One Way American and Nazi Eugenics Were Pretty Much the Same

One of the problems the literature on the history of eugenics as a whole has is that it has a tendency to want to forget the ways American eugenics was like Nazi eugenics. 2,165 more words

History Of Science

MagneGas Engineers a New and Disruptive Path in Alternative Energy

Combining technology with energy to develop a highly disruptive technology in the alternative energy sector

One of the more obscure technology companies surged up the NASDAQ today on the announcement of a new energy patent. 458 more words

Big Freaking Deal

Here’s what I don’t understand. It’s 2014, right? So, why the media is always promoting “unity” and “diversity” in the South like it was the 1960′s? 516 more words

Scary Truths You Need To Know About Manicures

Choosing the wrong polish shade isn’t the only danger when visiting the salon for a manicure. Just like any salon you go into (waxing, hair or otherwise) you should always be on the lookout for cleanliness when it comes to your nails – potential for infection could await if the salon you go to doesn’t properly take care of their equipment, and you. 675 more words


A Mallorcan moggy mystery

Something weird has happened. And I don’t like it when something strange cannot be logically explained.

When we took on the role of ‘adopted parents’ to some Mallorcan feral cats, we decided that we would have them all neutered when they reached the appropriate time. 267 more words

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