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Spiraculum Mortis

A third of all pregnancies in Europe end in termination. That means almost 2 000 000 abortions each year. And that’s just the officially reported ones, carried out via public health-care institutions. 1,041 more words


You keep saying "Sterilize" and "Process"...

I mention these terms enough, I figure it’s time to go over a few procedures.

I want to start by telling you a little story.  My mother once called me to tell me she had gotten a hold of some amazing, antique Ball jars, and that we should use this as an excuse to try making jam.  805 more words

Planned Parenthood: Ultra Liberal Murder Squad

Abortion became a loving liberal accepted phenomenon associated with women’s liberation from an “oppressive patriarchy”, promoted by religious zealots. The solution being a guided responsible family planning facade, the implication being that Planned Parenthood’s brand of liberation was a superior alternative to adoption; adoption is listed on the Planned Parenthood website, but it is the only possibility that suggests a woman could be heavily pressured or tricked into it. 709 more words


Have You Ever wondered.....?

July 6, 2014

Another weekend, another weekend shot.  My mother wanted me to go to the Forks to get her some Farmer’s Market Jam, which meant that any hopes I had, of carrying out my own plans, were put on the back-burner. 786 more words


The "Right" Birth Control

So, what really is the “right” birth control?  This is a complicated question and unfortunately has a complicated answer.  The good news is that in this day and age, there are a lot of options, but the bad news is that you still have to pick one.  1,048 more words

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