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More on Pasteurization and other processes

Nevertheless, despite pasteurization there are still outstanding cheeses produced today; otherwise we would simply have to dismiss industrially produced Edam or Gouda, to put just two well-known examples. 376 more words

Beware of Defective Germ Plasm

I just read the most disturbing thing ever. Actually, I just skimmed it because it made me too sick to read it all the way through. 912 more words



“The World Health Organization (WHO) and its subsidiaries have been actively researching and funding the development of contraceptive / anti-fertility vaccines that prevent full-term pregnancies to take place, for over 20 years. 62 more words


“‘It’s Way Out Of My League’: Low-Income Women’s Experiences of Medicalized Infertility.” (2009)

This article speaks to how women of lower SES (social economic status) have less access to fertility treatment. The author then goes on to say that this is partly because of the notion that women of color are always fertile and always making more babies. 54 more words

Data And Journal Articles

Spiraculum Mortis

A third of all pregnancies in Europe end in termination according to a research article published by Guttmacher Institute. That means almost 2 000 000 abortions each year. 1,063 more words


You keep saying "Sterilize" and "Process"...

I mention these terms enough, I figure it’s time to go over a few procedures.

I want to start by telling you a little story.  My mother once called me to tell me she had gotten a hold of some amazing, antique Ball jars, and that we should use this as an excuse to try making jam.  805 more words