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Resolution Blues: I'm not losing weight because of the date

This piece will run in the January 29 issue of The Reporter.

According to usa.gov, the most popular New Year’s Resolution in America is the completely guessable “I want to lose weight.” 643 more words

Protest Comes to Stetson

In the wake of the grand jury decisions of non-indictment for the police officers involved in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, protests have broken out in solidarity across the nation. 975 more words

Fundamentals & Craft Of Journalism

As the midterm election approaches, many are asking the perennial question, “do college students vote?” Students are often accused of being apathetic towards politics, usually framed in a context of how young people nowadays lack moral character or are self-centered. 1,361 more words

Fundamentals & Craft Of Journalism

Barron Collier senior has national lacrosse team hopes

Olivia Ferrucci isn’t the type of person to doubt herself, and there’s reason for that.

She’s tough. When she was only 4 her brother Mario, who is four years older, told her to put on a helmet and pads while he shot pucks and lacrosse balls at her in their Naples driveway. 1,054 more words


Jamie's and Colleen's shoulders

Jamie Vanderlip and Colleen M. Price can engage a whole group of people in a collective smile.

At the monorail boarding station en route to the Magic Kingdom, they were arguing which of them had the widest, most toned shoulders. 40 more words

Great People

Identity Crisis; Research Update

It is fair to conclude that Emmett’s law school diploma was most likely in Latin and his name was Latinized.

I thought that was all that needed to be said about Emmett’s diploma:  Emmett came home from Stetson, showed the nice diploma to all his friends, slapped it into a big frame, hung it on the wall, and was ready for business! 746 more words

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Emmettus Wilsonius

If you recall, last month I had a question for Angela the Archivist at Stetson University about Emmett’s law school diploma; specifically: Was Emmett’s law school diploma in Latin? 817 more words

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