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The supernatural enemy

Some of my favourite comics to read as a kid were horror titles. And if the cover had a skull on it – even better, I’d be sure to buy it from the newsagents. 99 more words


Stalker: DC Comics Adventure Line


                I loved this comic. I still have issue #1 from when it was first published (and… 1,018 more words

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What I thought of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1

Squirrel Girl is a throwaway character Will Murray and the great Steve Ditko came up with in 1992 as a reaction against the endless reams of grim, dark, violent comics that were 99% of the time no bloody fun at all. 221 more words


Vault of Evil #14, 1974 "Midnight in Haunted Manor"

It’s been a little while since I presented a horror comic, so I thought, “why not now!” Of course, when you make that decision, it must be a good one, so today we have… 175 more words

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How the Debut of Amazing Spider-Man Signalled a Coming Change At Marvel

Journey Into Marvel – Part 61

Extremites, up until now — aside from the tangent into 1963 when I couldn’t find the early issues — we’ve been progressing through the Marvel universe chronologically. 671 more words



Sometimes when you hand write a letter to the 87-year old co-creator of the Amazing Spider-Man you just might get a response… A few weeks ago I drafted a letter to one of my all-time faves… 117 more words

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Ditko's Shorts - A Collection from IDW -Preview pages included

Ditko’s Shorts
The One, Two and Three Pagers
Published by IDW & Yoe Books

Artist: Steve Ditko
Writers: Uncredited

Edited by
Craig Yoe & Fester Faceplant… 443 more words