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RPG Commentaries: Captain America The Winter Soldier

Phase one is nearly complete as Dragon and Iggy return for the spy thriller known as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Who’s side are Dragon and Iggy really on, and finally we get a damn answer to that noise we’ve been hearing since they started this marathon months ago. 21 more words

RPG Show

Factor X #2 of 4

John Francis Moore // Steve Epting
April 1995

While rival Havok scowls, Cyclops plays the antihero, smuggling a mad Polaris from NYC’s mutant dungeons. Epting, who marries Mazzucchelli’s grit to ’90s over-lineated posing, may be a strong Marvel artist of the Image Era, but oy! 47 more words


The Uncanny X-Men #319

Scott Lobdell // Steve Epting
December 1993

Lobdell’s strongest (relatively speaking) when he avoids super-action to concentrate on soap. In #319, he continues his curious rehab of normcore X-Man Bobby Drake, w/ a visit to his bigoted family. 32 more words


Best of 2014: Best Artist

Without artists, all of your favorite characters, scenes, costumes, and locations would just be words on a page. In short, they’re the ones that make comics comics. 1,582 more words

Greg Capullo

Favourite Comic Friday #17: Winter Soldier: Winter Kills

Welcome to today’s special Christmas edition of FCF, featuring one of my favourite Christmas-related issues.

Winter Soldier: Winter Kills by Ed Brubaker, 2006, One-Shot 861 more words