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Musique 365: Day 101: Foxtrot - Genesis

Famous amongst Genesis fans more for the monumental 23-minute-long ‘Supper’s Ready’, there is much to find here that non-prog-rock-converts may take a liking to. The melletron intro to ‘Watchers of the Skies’ is quite something. 13 more words

Revisiting Genesis with Steve Hackett

Something magical occurs when a particular song or album brings chills to one’s self. As a musician myself (a drummer, more specifically), the next logical question that pops up is, “Man, that was brilliant! 744 more words


Steve Hackett: How I Invented Finger Tapping On Guitar

by Joe Bosso

Think Eddie Van Halen invented finger tapping on the guitar? Think again.

Seven years before Eruption created a new school of shredders, Steve Hackett set aside his pick and applied his index finger to the fretboard of his Les Paul – and he’s not afraid to lay claim to conceiving of the technique. 885 more words

Demolish A.D.

Cruise to the Edge Embarking

Very excited to be going on the Cruise to the Edge trip to Honduras and Cozumel this coming April 7, 2014.  To date I’ve been a bit wary of going on a cruse as I’m not quite seaworthy and typically regret any time spent without feet on terra firma!  231 more words



The late 60′s-early 70′s, it was a time of explosive and profound musical experimentation. The Beatles were leading the charge into “progressive” rock music and would inspire many of their peers to use both their expanding minds as well as new technology to create music that was uniquely powerful, that was new, that was, well, different. 1,193 more words

Genesis- Selling England By the Pound

The first album that I really got into, listening and re-listening to over and over on my parent’s VCR when I was 15, was Selling England by the Pound… 876 more words

Musique 365: Day 73: Darktown - Steve Hackett

The one-time Genesis front man has had a long and successful solo career, if not necessarily sharing the same amount of the limelight as Messrs Gabriel and Collins.  11 more words