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Steve Parker - Sugar High EP [OVM240]

Ovum Recordings are taking you back to the darker side of techno with Sugar High EP from Steve Parker. His deep and hypnotic sound, combining groove-heavy rhythms with a minimal-tech production style, sees Steve able to move effortlessly from sultry warm basement sounds to full on vicious arena moments.



Pissing me off

Now, I’m a pretty fair guy… -ish.

I don’t expect you to live like I do, and I don’t shame you for your choices. I DO however get pretty annoyed when folks start judging me because I don’t want to be a fat bastard my whole life. 453 more words



Oh yeah. :)

Now, the worry is that it might be muscle, not fat that I am losing. We’re taking a quick look at the diet and exercise plan to make sure there’s enough protein and weights work. 44 more words


I am a binary person: All or nothing.

I have been eating too little, which is NOT good for dieting for weight loss. Apparently it puts the body into starvation mode where it tries desperately to hang on to every calorie in order to keep it alive. 108 more words

Hot times

It’s 30c, (86f) and I’ve just finished my 2nd of two walks for today.

It is HOT! I am tired.

Trust the work



Monday Monday

Lovely, (for a given value of ‘lovely’) 2 hour session of MMA today. Running drills for the upcoming advancement evaluation for PSC. Takedowns, kicks, kick defenses… which is where it got fun. 122 more words