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Happy Birthday, Steve Perry

Today we wish a happy birthday to Star Wars author Steve Perry. You can stay up to date with Steve’s latest books and travels via his blog… 11 more words

Star Wars

Morning "INK" Edition - "Ask The Lonely"...Great Song But If You Really Dig Deeper into it is Rather Sad:(

Alright, so I’m showing my age a bit on this one. I think the song “Ask The Lonely” by Journey and Steve Perry sends a message out there. 894 more words


"pain upon pain"

I attended a conference recently for work about helping youth from foster care, a topic that I am very passionate about. Part of my journey learning about this issue is understanding, as one young woman pointed out, that “it’s not like the movies.” People end up in foster care for different reasons, and being “in” foster care doesn’t always mean there’s a dramatic home removal. 370 more words

Eels at the Lincoln Theater

Great show!

First of all this was not some little band. Wind instruments, orchestral percussion, and a cello player rounded out the sadness of the Eels. 72 more words


Revisit the '70s and '80s with the Don't Stop Believin' Journey Tribute Show

Even today, you can hear the younger generations singing at the top of their lungs, “DON’T STOP, BELIEVIN,’ WHOAAOAAOOO!” and I’m sure those who were teens in the ’70s and ’80s get quite a kick out of it. 125 more words


Almost Famous

This morning, before coffee even, Hubby and I were cracking up over his one and only brush with fame: The time he and his sister shared an elevator with Colonel Sanders. 928 more words


Dr. Steve Perry Breaks Down the Education Problem In America

Dr. Steve PerryKaren Carter Peterson, John Hope Bryant talked with Roland Martin on the Empowerment Stage during this year’s “Essence” Festival. Dr. Perry explained the problems facing minority students in our education system and the panel offered solutions to help our youth. 78 more words

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