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Wonder Woman S03E09 “The Deadly Dolphin”

Who the hell steals a dolphin?? Apparently a disgruntled black man dressed as a cop. Who is working for a rich guy that has a private jet, and is scheming to take over the most expensive housing tract in the world. 277 more words

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Now in 3D

Last weekend I headed to the grocery store for a cereal I couldn’t remember the name of, and apparently had been pulled from the store shelves. 395 more words


Wonder Woman S03E08 “Skate Whiz”

Diana decides to go on vacation to Santa Corona, CA (cliche name much?) where we see young kids playing on local culture by skateboarding. Cut to cliche number two: a guy in a leather coat and 70’s porn mustache trying to blackmail a local resort owner.After seeing the clothes some of the girls in the 70’s wore, I don’t think adults these days have much right to talk about what there daughters are wearing today. 622 more words


A Second Pitch For Man Of Steel 2: Batman Vs Superman

With news that Wonder Woman is set to make an appearance alongside Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, here at Frood we have developed a second pitch (first pitch… 1,029 more words


Wonder Woman S03E07 "Time Bomb"

The beginning of the episode brings forth the age-old question: Why do all people in the future wear the one-piece silver jumpsuit, and at what point are we going to be forced in to the damn things? 651 more words

Lynda Carter

Wonder Woman S03E06 "Formicida"

This episode starts with the Bride of Frankenstein sitting in Burt Reynolds Trans-Am and controlling a colony of ants which she manipulates into eating through a buildings structural elements causing it to collapse. 450 more words

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Smile Monday: Wonder

I had SO much fun a couple weeks ago making my Super Illustration ~ it made me want to make another! This week I’m featuring Wonder Woman and her sweetheart Steve Trevor! 92 more words