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What employers want to help them choose their pension.

The Pension Regulator has commissioned some research on what small employers want from pensions. I can share with you some of the key findings

“48% of small and 79% of micro employers currently have no pension scheme so will have to choose a new one as they prepare for AE”.

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Make AE tardy bosses a "cause of innocent merriment".

My object all sublime

The stated purpose of auto-enrolment is to include 11m people currently excluded from pensions savings in good quality workplace pension schemes so they can receive more from the pensions system than their state pension entitlement. 430 more words


Workfare Till You Drop - Esther McVey To Target Older Claimants

What they say …

“It’s time to change the conversation about extending working life from one about working “until you drop”, to one about a fuller working life, that means working as long as is necessary to create the future you want.” 770 more words


Second mover advantage - UK can trump US 401(k)

Here’s an analysis of what’s going on in yankee-doodle-land, especially with their workplace pensions. Once again I’m grateful to Per Andalus for the prompt

Commentators often point to the US 401K and IRA markets as models for the UK to follow. 1,051 more words


We need to know ourselves to plan the future.

For all the  talk of tax, longevity, inflation and investment returns, the technicalities of retirement  planning are of secondary importance.

In this article , I put these technical issues in a broader perspective. 879 more words


The Queen’s Speech leaves pensions in a royal muddle

Until his recent bizarre comments about people using their pensions to pay for Lamborghinis, Steve Webb was rightly regarded as one of the finest pensions ministers Britain has ever had, and one of the unsung heroes of the coalition government. 115 more words

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