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Pensioners helpfully reminded 'your days are numbered'

Minister Steve Webb proposes that all of the UK’s OAPs should be given a stark reality check in terms of life expectancy. Mr. Webb’s understandable concern is that the elderly are unaware of their own mortality and that previous attempts to pursue them with dark storm clouds, circling vultures and ‘a dyspeptic hobgoblin carrying an oversized hourglass’ did not have ‘the desired impact’. 216 more words

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Will some employers need their own IGCs?

This blog’s for any employer or adviser with an existing workplace pension scheme (GPP or Stakeholder Pension), where you chose the funds offered to your staff. 387 more words


Governance not glumervance

I am for good DC governance but I am not for DC glumervance. Glumervance is “glum governance” as preached by the puritan new model trustee. 541 more words


The Pension Play Pen lunch gives a thumbs up for the new Annuity Framework

A victim of Osborne’s success

We were a victim of George’s success on Monday (7th April) as nearly 40 of us spilled out of the gallery room and occupied most of the Counting House’s second floor!  518 more words


Research shock- employers do care about the pensions they provide their staff

“Selecting the right pension scheme for auto enrolment is important and has long term implications for employees. Taking time to review the options that are available in the market is sensible and planning ahead will help to keep stress levels to a minimum.” – Morten Nilsson – NOW Pensions…

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"More choice - no guidance" - the basic state pension top-up.

The basic state pension, second state pension and soon to be single state pension are annuities purchased from the State by National Insurance Contributions.

With all the noise around the annuities you purchase from insurance companies, we can easily forget we are purchasing annuity every year we participate in the UK National Insurance system (even if we are not in work). 770 more words


Who will be cleaning out the stables in the next two years?

There are more than 10,000 employers who are running saving schemes for their staff  as qualifying workplace pensions.

The introduction of minimum standards for these schemes in “ 939 more words