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The greatest film never made: Rambo IV

Rambo IV (1993)


While walking alone along a dust bitten highway somewhere close to Arizona, John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) witnesses a flash in the sky, thunder follows and as a downpour begins, Rambo runs for cover. 655 more words

Desert Storm

Sorry angel

Where is the American Gandhi?

Remember when Franklin Graham, Ron Paul, and Steven Seagal locked arms with Mr Putin? (March 2014)

Williamsburg has lost the “It” factor. 57 more words


The Keeper (Movie review)

The Keeper is really a keeper. I’ll tell you why.

As usual, it starts with a back story that has no bearing on the story at all. 357 more words


Out of Reach (2004)

One of the most bizarre entries in the Steven Seagal catalogue is Out of Reach. This 2004 direct-to-video release is directed by Po-Chih Leong, whose 1998 film The Wisdom of Crocodiles generated some critical acclaim. 693 more words



“Fire In The Hole” – Justified, 2010

Heute wird’s heiß hier. Denn der Stollen brennt. Wobei das eigentlich eher unbedeutend ist, aber es wird halt mal erwähnt. 1,513 more words

Der Schrott


Weitere Optimierungen für Suchmaschinen:

Oder Filme – Hä? Oder was? Oder Bücher? Oder Videospiele? Oder Hörspielkassetten? Oder Fotos? Oder Masturbiervorlagen? Ich kapier die Frage nicht. Oder doch? 133 more words

Das Andere

Mercenary for Justice (Movie review)

This show was illogical and ridiculous. I understood nothing of what was happening throughout the whole show but I still enjoyed it. Sounds like the fantastic Out for Justice but way way lousier. 381 more words