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Public warned not to download naked photos of Steven Seagal

Fear has gripped online users who may have, in a furtive attempt to view intimate erotica of Jennifer Lawrence ‘before their family comes home’, inadvertently downloaded explicit images of Hollywood’s favourite martial arts veteran, ironic Buddhist and poster-boy for Cuprinol®. 289 more words

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Video 282: Phong cách của Steven Seagal

Cá nhân tôi thích phong cách đánh của Steven Seagal trên phim vì nó là cách đánh thực tế nhất khi áp dụng nhu thuật. Ông sử dụng Atemi thường xuyên (có thể hơi giống Vịnh Xuân nhưng kĩ thuật đánh ức bàn tay trong Daito-ryu và Aikibudo cũng có), chỉ dùng đòn quăng khi có thể mượn lực và tận dụng địa hình xung quanh để tăng tối đa sát thương. 79 more words

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"Nothingilistic -I'm Steven Seagal"

Being a musician means expressing yourself in different forms, at least for me lol. As well as writing serious songs, you find yourself in bars and pubs playing what I call “pub music “. 36 more words

Attack Force (2006)

Without a shadow of a doubt, Attack Force is one of Steven Seagal’s strangest movies. This 2006 actioner is directed by Michael Keusch, who was at the helm for… 658 more words


four things that won't impress me about that single guy you know

Or: “Four ways I click-baited you into reading this blog post.”

As a 26-year-old Christian single in the South, I am a constant target for amateur Cupids (in other words, I have loving friends who worry about me). 489 more words


A Good Man (2014)

Been a while since I watched a movie with Steven Seagal so I thought I’d give his new movie, A good man, a chance… tho I’ve come to expect a movie with the eastern europe atmosphere as the old 90’s heroes seem to have moved there the last decade (I guess it’s cheaper to produce movies there)… but does that mean that every movie has to be so mediocre… less than even… 255 more words