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Force of Execution (2013)

Steven Seagal and director Keoni Waxman are together again with 2013’s Force of Execution, a direct-to-video release that’s unique in a lot of ways when compared to the star’s recent output. 649 more words


Keith Lipscomb shakes down a family in extreme hardship

In every culture assaulting elderly and weak is the hallmark of evil. Michael Keith Lipscomb’s parents apparently failed him so miserably that he cannot tell right from wrong even in cases obvious to a kindergartener. 341 more words

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Maximum Conviction (2012)

Directed by Keoni Waxman, Maximum Conviction stars Steven Seagal and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. That fact alone is likely enough to send some readers staggering to locate what must, by all logic, be a masterwork of direct-to-career action. 609 more words


32 Short Stories About Steven Seagal

After Sarah’s recent encounters with some passionate, though charmingly misguided Steven Seagal devotees, she tasked herself with getting to the heart of the true Steven Seagal. 29 more words

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Born to Raise Hell (2010)

After briefly pulling his wagon into theatres as the villainous Rogelio Torrez in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, Steven Seagal returns to the direct-to-video well with… 682 more words


Comments Of The Week: The Josh Gad Movie Game, And Steven Seagal Bond Movies

Comments of the Week is back, and I’m giving away FilmDrunk shirts (BUY YOURS HERE) to each week’s winner. We don’t have an upvoting function yet, so in the meantime, you’ll have to bookmark this post and paste your favorite comments in the comments section from which I’ll choose each week’s winner. 770 more words

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The Joe Show

Power can be achieved one of two ways. It can be achieved through hard work and honesty or it can be achieved by intimidation and tons of publicity. 576 more words