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Why you should/shouldn't watch TNT's Falling Skies

One of TNT’s most popular shows is the alien invasion drama, Falling Skies. Produced by Steven Spielberg and the show’s star Noah Wyle, the series is about to start shooting its fifth and final season. 576 more words


Phone Home - E.T. Closes Out the 2014 Movies in the Park Season

The 10th anniversary season of Movies in the Park closes out with the 1982 classic E.T.  Steven Spielberg’s tale of an extraterrestrial who is trying to get home has been a hit since it debuted. 192 more words


Schindler's List

    Schindler’s List was released in 1993 and takes place in Poland during World War II. It is a film that was adapted from a book by Thomas Kenally, written for the screen by Steven Zaillian, and directed by Steven Spielberg. 519 more words


Second Chance: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Here’s an opinion: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is better than the Temple of Doom.

Gasp! Cries of “sacrilege!” ring out. Fights break out on zeppelins. 1,024 more words

Steven Spielberg

'Falling Skies' recap: The lady or the alien?

Season 4 | Episode 6 | “Door Number Three” | Aired July 27, 2014

Maggie and Ben are making out. Check that, Maggie and Ben are making love.  1,916 more words

Schindler's List

A DVD review from The Movie Snob.

Schindler’s List  (A-).  I did not get around to seeing the winner of the 1994 Oscar for Best Picture until last night — I had bought the DVD years ago, but could never bring myself to watch it.  162 more words

Written By: The Movie Snob

A Love Letter to… Jurassic Park

When I was about seven or eight years old, I found myself perusing my grandparents’ shelf of VHS tapes. In amongst the Tommy Cooper compilations and boxes of Turkish Delight one tape caught my eye. 860 more words

Steven Spielberg