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I keep a home in my heart

With the holidays coming around, most are preoccupied with thoughts of home, family, food, and love. And I am no exception.

Coming from Michigan, and I know I am hardly alone here, I seldom see my family now that I am in college in New Jersey, (especially because I am on the co-op program and have my own apartment in New Jersey). 398 more words


APO Cup: A few thoughts on our resident service fraternity

I have many problems with many organizations across campus. It could be IUA, KHODA, Gear and Triangle, or the SGA, it doesn’t really matter; I have a lot of gripes with everything. 746 more words


Is our existence a fluke?

Are we special or unique? Are we, as advanced, thinking beings, at all significant? These and more were powerful questions posed by Dr. Caleb Scharf, director of the Astrobiology Center at Columbia University. 573 more words


Interstellar review

Time and again, Christopher Nolan has delivered through his unique method of creating films that explore time, morality, humanity, and philosophy. Films such as Memento… 412 more words

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Greens should stop claiming global warming means more war

“There’s a surprisingly strong link between climate change and violence.” That’s the headline of a recent article by journalist Chris Mooney in The Washington Post… 679 more words


An interview with Professor Andrew Russell

Open Standards and the Digital Age: History, Ideology, and Networks is a book written by Professor Andrew Russell about the history of communication and information networks, including the Internet, as well as standards and openness. 382 more words

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Letters to the editor and the registrar

This is a response to the Letter to the Editor provided to us last week: while I may not agree with your consistent reference to the Wizard of Oz, I wholehearted agree with your disposition against the Registrar. 567 more words