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Rosemont by Frontier Ruckus

No song reminds me of November during the college years more than this song. I find I can’t always listen to this song anymore because it no longer makes me feel good. 157 more words

Kids by MGMT

We were driving around Friday night listening to the old tunes, riding the sound waves back to the old days:

“You were a child…”

Dolls in drag, Aqua, Barbie Girls, after parties at the doll house, “I’ve got love for you if you were born in the 80s”, twins that cuddle, alone on a mysterious futon, too early to enter dorm with no ID, free breakfast at Debot, 111 more words

Furr by Blitzen Trapper

Today an old friend from university posted this video and tagged me in it, “Remember Libby?” Oh, how I greatly do 😊

“On the day that I turned 23…” 223 more words

Some Wisconsin Time

My last day of work snuck up on me. It was a bittersweet last day, which is probably how most last days should be. We ate cake and finished up some loose ends, then I unplugged my computer, hugged all my office mates, and drove home to continue the never-ending task of packing. 254 more words


True Loves by Hooray for Earth

I’ve spent the last year trying to remember the name of this song so I could listen to it again, I open up my old music page from college and there it is, smiling back at me 😊 158 more words

"Who Needs Feminism" Campaign Hits Stevens Point

The trend of people creating signs saying why they need feminism and why they do not need feminism has spread across the globe and made its way to Stevens Point. 34 more words


Big Changes on the Horizon

This past week has been a whirlwind of emotions and making decisions, where do I even start? Here goes nothing: This Michigan girl is soon moving to Wisconsin! 646 more words

Post Grad Life