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Cargill, Inc. v. Monfort of Colo., Inc.

479 U. S. 104

December 9, 1986

In the 1980s, Monfort of Colorado was the 5th largest beef company. When Monfort heard that the 2nd and 3rd largest beef companies were planning to merge, it filed an antitrust suit. 375 more words


Newport v. Iacobucci

479 U. S. 92

November 17, 1986

The city of Newport, Kentucky banned nudity in any establishments that sold or provided alcohol on its premises. Newport was able to pass such an ordinance based on the 21st Amendment, which gives states a broad range of regulatory power over alcohol. 359 more words


Ansonia Bd. of Ed. v. Philbrook

479 U. S. 60

November 17, 1986

Ronald Philbrook was a schoolteacher who belonged to Herbert Armstrong’s cultish Worldwide Church of God. The Church required members to refrain from work on six days during the school year. 522 more words


Stevens: Fix Second Amendment to Remove "Any Limits" on Government Power

“…I think that’s what should be the rule, that it should be legislatures rather than judges who draw the line on what is permissible.”

For  311 more words


Maunday Thursday, MacGavin's Highland, and Stevens's "It"

Maunday Thursday. Six o’clock bells from St. John’s. A cheap but not bad single malt. I reread Brendan Mahoney ‘s piece in The Wallace Stevens Journal, the Fall 2012 issue, a meditation on the “It” in the line, “It was like / A new knowledge of reality.” Mahoney gets it. 64 more words

Rough Celtics 2014 Season Offers Glimpse of Bright Future

The Boston Celtics have thankfully played the last game of a dismal 57-loss season; falling to the Washington Wizards 118-102. The loss is one of many that demonstrated how far the Celtics may be from the true playoff contenders, and offer some areas where the team needs to improve. 606 more words

Boston Celtics

John B Wright

John B Wright
b. 12 December 1785, Frederick County, Virginia
d. 1868-69, Illinois

Elizabeth Stevens/Stephens
d. 10 September 1825, Randolph County, Indiana

Children with Elizabeth Stevens/Stephens: 20 more words