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Immigrants comin over here...

Stewart Lee, easily the 41st best standup comic out there, if not, say, 34th even.

In this bit from his Comedy Vehicle show he takes the anti-immigration stance of the British UK Independence Party (UKIP) to its final and utterly convincing conclusion. 139 more words


Richard Herring: Isn’t Red a good name for my baby?

Illustration: The Boy Fitz Hammond

The reality that my wife is having a baby is very slowly starting to seep in. We’ve started buying baby things, looking at the bamboozling variety of prams on offer, reading books about what to expect, getting advice from other parents (mainly ‘don’t pay any attention to the books’) and thinking up possible names. 560 more words


Stewart Lee

Mrs B says I look like an Indian Stewart Lee. I am not him, I can’t see  the resemblance really. I’m more a younger Salman Rushdie, or Keith Vaz, maybe David Baddiel when I have a beard. 3,974 more words


Dear Mastodon, I expected more of you...

Dear Mastodon,

I’m sorry to have to write this. Because I honestly thought you were different. You were the example of the mainstream embracing something alternative without compromising. 451 more words


Stewart Lee and the Pueblo Clowns

In 2006 Stewart Lee travelled to Taos in New Mexico to see the Pueblo Clowns and make this two part documentary for Radio 4. The clowns, unlike the cartoonish, vaguely melancholy characters that occupy the edges of our own culture, are – literally – unrepresentable, figures who operate in some shadowy shamanic space between worlds and who still wield a terrifying raw power that approaches the sacred. 11 more words


The famous man looked at the red cup

Comedian Stewart Lee, in his book ‘How I Escaped My Certain Fate’ writes about how, when he played the Edinburgh Festival, he used to get a lot of people coming to see him who didn’t know his work. 413 more words


The Devolution of Social Media

I can still remember creating, as a nerdy 13 year old, my own site using Piczo and other blog style make-your-own-websites that involved using some kind of knowledge of HTML and CSS. 547 more words