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what happened to your face

so it’s your average Saturday, I’m doing group documents with a friend in my bed with the electric blanket on its highest. right in the middle of our “quiet time” (we had to have intervals between our talking to actually work) my little brother bursts in my room and stops in the middle of the room to stare at us. 36 more words


My Toddler, Chuck Norris

I cook almost every night.

Sometimes it’s an escape.  I day-dream that I”m a world-class chef about to serve my love on a plate to some A-list celebs.  861 more words

Material world

We live in a material world but seems like at times we forget what sort of fabric it is made from. It is not about how much money we do or do not have, the phones or computers we use, whether we own or rent our property, the cars we drive. 177 more words