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The Challenge Recap: I don't know how to drive stick-shift

Week after week we learn the same old adage; the least exciting thing about The Challenge is the challenges. I feel like this one was just MTV saying “let’s just embarrass the people who can’t drive stick”. 924 more words

Hollywood Boulevard

Watch Out, Portugal!!!

Hey, we’ve been in the mission office all day waiting around and getting paperwork done for me to get my……………..

wait for it………….

DRIVERS LICENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 216 more words

Groove Is in the Car

So, two summers ago, we take a family trip to Germany. By family, I mean myself, my sister, my dad, and two cousins, because my mom’s ideal vacation is preferably within walking distance of our house (okay, my dad came up with that one), but you get the picture. 926 more words

Standard perceptions

Disclaimer: this post probably has nothing to do with what the title implies. One of the memories of being a teenager that stand out to me is the occasion of where I learned to drive. 266 more words

Selfie Saturday: Your Thoughts Suck

One of the most important lessons in life we can ever learn, deals with the way we think.  For so many of us when things aren’t going well and/or things aren’t going our way, we have the tendency to automatically think negatively. 387 more words


The Kneel Brothers: Thunder Snow & Lightning. part 4 of 7

Jean had a brand new Chevy Cavalier she had purchased just that summer. It was the base model with no A.C., no radio, and no automatic transmission. 2,104 more words


On the job training: a crash course in driving a manual car

I have driven a manual car twice in my life so imagine my surprise when I got my schedule and it said I’d have to drive the company car…the manual company car…the next day. 615 more words

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