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Everything on this blog is genuine. Everything I write belongs to me. I stand by every word I write. These are my opinions and I hope you all respect them.

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Last night, I wouldn’t let you buy me a drink. Perhaps you can tempt me with breakfast.

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Intrusive thoughts

They come as a rollercoaster: involuntarily and uncontrollably.  Trying euphoria and elation, feeling full of energy or not being able to sleep, losing the appetite or  feeling anxious,  hearing the heart beating stronger or hands trembling.

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There and Back Again

Well..sebenernya judulnya ngga cocok banget sama isi dan covernya..hihih :D

Aku cuma iseng mau ikut-ikutan Bilbo Bagins di film Lord of The Rings.. 373 more words


The calligraphist

You were speaking, totally stranger. Totally absorbed by her name. You had some expressions that couldn’t be traslated, as the sound of her name. First, you worried to get all vowels wrong. 60 more words

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I'm Random

Aku merasa hidupku sangat random, tapi aku merasa bahagia. seiring berjalanya waktu, dan aku tambah dewasa, aku merasa hal-hal aneh dan absurd sering terjadi. aku seperti orang yang 297 more words


Welcome to Health and Wellness Over 50

Welcome to Health and Wellness Over 50.

What is the primary purpose of this blog?

Or why should you spend one more minute reading this blog? 97 more words