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Welcome to Health and Wellness Over 50

Welcome to Health and Wellness Over 50.

What is the primary purpose of this blog?

Or why should you spend one more minute reading this blog? 97 more words

Hello World!

Ode to my first post … here we go!


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My son has recommended viewing the old b/w movie Detour.

Seasoned teeth

Flaws make us unique, as crooked teeth give a person character. This is the story of T, a sonny boy who used to be chubby and lively like his incredible set of teeth. 93 more words

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Eyes without a face

The door had a little square of glass, so people passing through the hallway could have looked inside the room. While I was sitting curved on the desk, I loved that he was tall enough to do that every day.

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White lie

She could feel every hard finger of him pressed on her shoulder. “I know you will be ok”, his mouth was saying one thing, but his body was saying another. 26 more words

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