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Eyes without a face

The door had a little square of glass, so people passing through the hallway could have looked inside the room. While I was sitting curved on the desk, I loved that he was tall enough to do that every day.

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White lie

She could feel every hard finger of him pressed on her shoulder. “I know you will be ok”, his mouth was saying one thing, but his body was saying another. 26 more words

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Jana Pendapatan Lumayan bersama Makanan Sunnah FOREVER

Selamat Datang 

Jadikan impian anda satu kenyataan bersama Makanan Sunnah Forever

*Ingin menjadi rakan niaga saya?

*Ingin menjadi pengedar aktif?

*Ingin menjana pendapatan 3-4-5 angka sebulan? 13 more words

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Sobre mim

Meu nome é Juliana Laroche Brennand,fiz moda e administração. Sou mãe coruja assumida de Mariana. Amo moda infantil e adulto. Estou feliz por ter mais um cantinho para poder compartilhar com vocês um pouco do nosso dia-a-dia, além de dicas sobre moda, beleza, saúde e outras coisas legais. 13 more words


Wine on an empty stomach

It was like saying “how much time do we have?”. Hands still in pockets. I wasn’t going to be less scared if he continued gazing at me.  42 more words

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A placeholder.

A sticky post to remind the gentle reader that this blog is still under construction. Promises to keep, indeed.

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