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Me and Bipolar Ignored by Family and Friends

Are you uncomfortable and don’t know what to say? Is this why the majority have ignored me? Well you are in for a bumpy ride. I can guarantee that when my son died you had no earthly idea what to do or say, but you DID sent cards and called. 1,818 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Stepping up in Faith


The interfaith pre-conference on HIV to the 20th International AIDS Conference hosted by the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance brought faith leaders from all over the world together to caucus around the theme, “Stepping up in Faith.” 415 more words

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, & Medication

This post is inspired by #medsandmotherhood week at STIGMAMA.COM, most specifically, this article:

Pump and Dump, by Walker Karraa, PhD #medsandmotherhood.

Before becoming pregnant with my son, I thoroughly surveyed the medical research about antidepressant use in pregnancy and during lactation. 595 more words

Mental Health

Lager, Limburger, and the Lows

Credit: http://imgur.com/user/grumpypunkcat

I’ve been waiting for a week to drop this one. Reason being is I wanted to discuss it with my social worker first, sort of ‘live off the floor’ I guess, if that makes any sense. 598 more words

How About We All Stop Using "Schizophrenic" as an Insult?

by J.C. Schildbach, LMHC, ASOTP

One night about two years ago, I challenged a friend for describing his behavior as “schizophrenic.” In an admittedly snide tone, I asked a quick barrage of questions referencing various types and symptoms of schizophrenia: Are you catatonic? 1,469 more words


living life with bipolar 2

I have a mental illness, I have a couple. I was finally diagnosed with the proper terminology. I do not live my life based around my illness like I did when I was in full blown anorexia, or my bulimia. 2,008 more words

What's so bad about calling someone "psycho"?

I try to always make people aware that they shouldn’t use words like “psycho” and they often ask me why it’s wrong. They’re just words, how much harm can they do? 453 more words

Mental Health