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Hidden in plain sight

Yesterday I gave a presentation at the Nordic Ophtalmology meeting on the topic of weight loss in idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH). People with IIH have a large risk of going blind and they have frequent migraines, so treatment is obviously a priority. 281 more words


"Get a life"

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The title sounds harsh, but we as people with schizophrenia often need a good, swift kick in the pants to get us started, to “get a life.” We have plenty of opposition: a negative media that portrays us as incompetent, prone to violence, accomplishing little, and challenging basic human rights issues. 372 more words

Schizophrenia Resources

some thoughts about new Hep C treatments

These are some thoughts we thought were worth sharing. They don’t necessarily represent the views of the Step Up To Hep Campaign, but we do represent the community. 14 more words


Migraines and School

I always feel weird when I tell others I have migraines. It’s something I don’t really like doing. It’s something I’m going to have to tell all my professors this semester. 464 more words


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from The Red Spotty Bug 9/20

Anonymous: I am an advocate because I am a single mother who has borderline personality disorder. I  blog to seek and provide an alternative view to the dark stigmas surrounding Borderline Personality Disorder. 174 more words

How Fucking Selfish

Trigger Warning: Suicide (Do these TW actually do anything?)

So here I am, browsing Facebook whilst eating an unhealthy sandwich and drinking healthy green tea. I happen upon a post by Rolling Stone that catches my eye. 508 more words

Prove Them Wrong

Have you ever been stigmatised?
Have you ever been called crazy?
Have you ever been seen as useless?
Have you ever been stereotyped?

Well, prove them wrong. 64 more words