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It’s Not a Crying Shame for a Man

It’s common to see men refuse or denounce the benefits of crying. Letting the waterworks go, in moments of deep change, anger, and upsetting situations, is beneficial for the eventual ease of mind. 229 more words


For more than six months I’ve been ingesting and digesting thoughts from many disparate sources, regarding shame, body image, addiction and fat stigma.  Chewing and pondering these various bits of information and insight, sometimes semi-publicly on the blog and also in private writing, has helped me move toward shame reduction. 566 more words


Today's joke

Censoring oneself is truly a bad thing in reference to your own plane of thinking. At the same time society is so quick to pass judgment that there won’t even be an attempt to understand in most cases.


The War on Drug’s Stigma

This photo depicts Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) views on drugs and the War on Drugs. Most people can agree that taking drugs like cocaine or heroin is a bad idea, but the important thing to keep in mind is that society places a… 31 more words


Half Of Young Men Sexually Coerced (Trigger Warning)

Half Of Young Men Sexually Coerced. (sorry, wordpress.com kept “snuffing” the embedded video, so I have to just put the link here. Pls. click on the link to see the video clip) 461 more words


Hate Speech

Soon to be spoken word:

A nine year old just called me gay
a comment made to throw away
and then stick like an insult: batty gal, 179 more words