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Metalic stilettos... And nothing else matters.

Stilettos have been always a must have to every well educated woman in fashion. In fact, you don’t have to be educated in Milan, Italy to know what is good for you and what is not. 217 more words


Lovely Tina

Spick and Span understood that it was all in the look and the top girlsĀ responded perfectly. In this picĀ from the afore-mentioned famous carpet sweeper set, Tina Ryatt, now minus skirt but regrettably white stilettos too, provides one of the “dirtiest” looks you’ll see. 102 more words


The Iconic Point

Fashion moment of 2014: The classic pointed stilettos.

These stilettos are known for their higher & thinner heels and pointier toes. They are inspired by the iconic women’s stiletto of the very early 1960s. 195 more words


Anne and the Vacuum Cleaner

Back to those pesky domestic appliances and perhaps to the most astonishing set of them all. This one features a young lady called Anne Mattingley and the spread appeared in the Winter 1960 edition of BB Extra. 118 more words


Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti makes beautiful looking sandals. These super hot heels are 13cm.

Head high at 6 feet. [My love of high heels]

We all face a lot of seemingly impossible situations.

Awkward interactions with people we no longer want to associate with. Death. Disaster. Heartbreak. Emotional upheaval once a month (okay?!). 350 more words


A new take on feeling 'blue'

We’ve all been there, we’ve all experienced the euphoric high accompanied with finding shoes or clothes (or anything really) at a steal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a regular shopaholic but nothing makes me feel more satisfied and accomplished then taking advantage of a bargain. 489 more words