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So...you got wasted.

Here’s the thing about my Saturday night; I got drunk.

OK, that’s not entirely true…I was PARALYTIC drunk. Past Col is an idiot.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a state, not even when I was settling into my early 20’s.

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Fear not, we're still kicking!

I’m sure you’ve all lost faith in my ability to keep up with a blog, so I must inform you … this is the first night we’ve had internet since day 1, and I am  198 more words

American Road Trip

The Best Uses Of Music In Video Game Commercials

Before a popular video game is released, you will see hundreds of commercial ads promoting the living hell out of them. Any video game commercial you see online or on television would be horrendous without the perfect music to accompany it. 1,214 more words


BIG BANG - Still Alive

I’m still alive I’m still alive I’m still alive
Nan jugeoganeun deut boijiman jukji anha 375 more words
Color Coded Lyrics

Still Alive

DISCLAIMER: This has nothing to do with Portal or the song at the credits of Portal.

You find yourself in a place familiar
you see nothing oddly peculiar… 193 more words


Durian Challenge

Durian is considered the “king of fruits” with a “pleasantly sweet fragrance” in southeast Asia and likened to “rotten onions, turpentine, and raw sewage…garnished with a gym sock” in the west.* 163 more words