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I'm Alive!

I’m Alive (incidentally the title of a game I own but haven’t played yet :) ) just thought you(my millions of readers) would like to know. 87 more words


Still Alive: Charlotte Rae

Some great news… 87 year-old “The Facts of Life” and “Diff’rent Strokes” star Charlotte Rae is still alive!

18/04 Photo Faust

Photos taken with ISO between 800-1600, TV mode.

지난주말에 김해시 가야 문화 축제의 갔아요. 정말 재미있어요! 친구 하고 너무 전통음식먹었요. 갑옷을 입고 있어요 다음에 우리 트로트 스타일 EXO 으르렁 들었어요 ㅋㅋㅋ 또는 날씨 나뿐, 정말 잼있었요! 151 more words


Random acts of violets

The first violets are out and they have reminded me of the Boston Marathon bombing, which was about a year ago. Charley Boorman made me smile with his tweet, “So sorry To hear about the Boston Explosions. 97 more words


Find the Antitode in 30 Minutes or Less in 'Still Alive'

Multiplayer games seem to be always craving a new twist. Whether it be a new catch to pull people towards something different or a slight twist on an old favorite (see Titanfall). 513 more words


Sean Connery Still Alive, Shocked Sean Connery Reports

By Shawn Collins

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – Scottish actor Sir Sean Connery has reported that he has successfully awakened for the 30546th consecutive day, despite increasing physical weakness and a growing sense of just being done with it all. 251 more words


Portal - Review

Every good gamer loves this game so lets see how it fairs in a review shall we?