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Deep Roots

Deep Roots ..

A couple of months ago, we had an excellent Diocesan conference, with deeply challenging Key Note speeches. They have each continued to speak to me, but one in particular, God has drawn me back and back to. 1,286 more words

The Still, Small Voice

Saturday began as a perfect day…the balmy weather almost whispering, it’s spring! Blue skies framed the background of the bright lemon sun, toasty-warm. I shed my winter coat in exchange for the day’s warmth, so liberating after days upon days of knife-cutting cold. 531 more words


Last night's "still small" voice

Philippians 4:5…Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

The Lord is close. Temptations are many. To be able to stay on the Lord’s side of the line is a blessing to rejoice about. 208 more words


Listen to God and Others Will Listen to You

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

Do you ever feel like the people in your day-to-day world aren’t hearing you or really hearing your heart? When you feel like that, how do you get them to listen to you when you really want them to hear what you say? 1,123 more words

Daily Bible Devotional

Hearing from God – The personalised option

I remember when I gave my life to Christ a few years back, there was so much mystery surrounding the Christian faith to me. One of the mysteries was the concept of God talking to people. 741 more words


Potential Difficulties to Hearing God

Putting God on a timetable. Listening to God is part of our continual conversation with Him. It is not limited to a portion of our quiet time set aside for listening. 1,090 more words


"You came like a winter snow" -Audrey Assad/Chris Tomlin

And I didn’t mind the winter snow
falling as I ran through the woods.
It reminded me of how you
pass through my heart.

Changing the scenery… 50 more words