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a few thoughts on the right kind of "judgment"

Hey there.

You, reading this post.  Yes, you.

The news of the day:
this world is so much deeper than what the eyes see.

Take a second and treat yourself to remembering that.   410 more words

Some of the most common ways God speaks to us are described by the fictional character Aiden Lucas, a monk, when talking to a minister who was unused to communicating with God. 901 more words


Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Four: Statue

Standing at the end of pathways, as if waiting for us, placed where the eye will be caught and transfixed: religious icons; the victims of Medusa’s stony gaze; the masterpieces of Moore, or cheap, mass-produced mouldings in concrete; gnomes and rabbits, half-clothed draping ladies, lobotomised fish with water dribbling from their gaping mouths. 68 more words

Man-made Objects

Journey: Faith Made it Happen, It Always Does!

Mary and Joseph couldn’t comprehend, all the Angels chimed?

What was happening?  

Why us?

Bethlehem?  Now of all times?

No flash just a dream, a thought, you won’t grasp it all at the start. 162 more words


Seeking God’s will has become quite tricky for some in our age. Should I take a job across the country? Should I lead a cell group at church? 490 more words



What does it mean when the Bible says God speaks in a “still small voice” or a “whisper”?

I think it means that you won’t commonly discover God speaking through the pulpit of a church, synagogue, mosque or other institutional religious setting – much less through the electronic media. 160 more words

After posing questions, we wait for answers in the time-honored way of those who received God’s promises. Abraham and Sarah waited for a son to be born; Joseph waited for his dreams to make sense; Ruth and Naomi waited in poverty for a kinsman-redeemer. 327 more words