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11 Months

On Monday, it was 11 months since Luke was born.  I am getting increasingly anxious about his first birthday approaching.  Time has been moving a little more quickly lately, which is nice, but it also means that it’s really time to figure out how to mark his day.  719 more words

7 months

30 weeks…..210 days…..

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written…Although I’ve been busy with my girls, and enjoying family time with my husband, it’s been a hard month. 659 more words

I’m so sorry, babyloss moms

I look back at some of the people I’ve cared for who have had losses and I feel terrible.  How could I have cared for them better?  908 more words


Let me preface this by saying that I a writing this as MY feelings, I am not wanting to offend anyone or upset anyone so please do not take what I am going to write personally, I just need to vent! 504 more words


All babies count

Its approaching that time of year again. I was devastated this morning when I realised i’ve arranged to go out next week on the day of my daughter’s death. 1,277 more words

Joshua's Room

While I was preparing for Joshua to arrive, I would go into his room, open the cabinet and the closet and stare.  Then rearrange.  I think I rearranged the cabinet and closet more times than I could count.   473 more words

Still Birth

Here again

Hi Ella,

I’m here again in the midnight hour. I’ve carried you with me through out the day, in little thoughts, little glances at your things, little what-ifs, and little sighs. 947 more words