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Families are Forever: In honor of Baby Elizabeth

In November, 2011, my brother Shaun and his wife Katie were expecting a baby, their second.  We were all excited to see their little family growing.  1,069 more words


Preferred Terms

A lot of people refer to stillborns as angel babies, born sleeping, or themselves as mums of angels. I think everyone is entitled to use whatever terms they want but personally, they’re not for me. 223 more words



By my dates, I’m now 40 weeks and change pregnant. By the ultrasound dates, I’m 39 weeks tomorrow..

The perinatal doctor said I can be induced whenever I want now, but I choose to wait. 448 more words


The Comic Book Journey LXXVII

“Officially Expired”

Pt. 77 – “A Terrifying End”

Terror Comics is no more.

The small indie comic company has announced that on July 8th, Terror Comics would be no more. 642 more words

Comic Book

The Worst Days Of My Life continued

Not sure how long this will be but here goes…

After the sonographer told me that my baby didn’t have a heartbeat, I became hysterical. Midwife Chris who was holding my hand pinned me down in a big bear hug as I started thrashing around. 829 more words


There Are Others

Coming from a small community, you know everyone’s everything. Well, so we thought. But we’ve had far too many people confide in us that they too have lost babies. 192 more words


a journey of grief

I wish I could sit here and say that it was a grey and miserable day. But, it wasn’t. It was sunny and beautiful outside. The beginning of what I thought would be the best summer of my life. 412 more words