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Beautiful for grieving mothers.

A friend of mine shares beautiful things on child loss from time to time. Here is a link to one she shared. A service that aims to ease mother’s pain after losing a baby. 36 more words

Pregnancy Loss

What is in a name?

Most of us in America are named because our parent’s like the sound of the name, it’s a family name, or it’s a popular name. What I love about many other cultures is that most people know what there name means. 503 more words

Good Grief


Disclaimer: I’m not writing this for your pity…I’m writing this because I want to be honest.  Raw.  Authentic.  We can go on with our lives putting on a happy face and acting like we’ve got it all together, but the truth is we are all just broken people in deep need of the Savior’s help. 1,022 more words


Rue's Birth Story

Before I gave birth, I was obsessed with reading birth stories. I desperately wanted to know what to expect from natural child birth. Initially, I planned to write about Rue’s birth story from start to finish. 5,721 more words

Potty Expectations

As we drove home from the beach, we passed a billboard sign that read “Cleanest bathrooms on I-20″. I was so intrigued that I read the sign out loud.  895 more words


I Want It To All Go Away

I’m having a shit of a day. Started off ok with Jack being dropped off at kindy, then a coffee date with Trace. I was going fine til it was nearly time to leave – I’d shared details of Max’s autopsy without batting an eyelid earlier, but then when were discussing coffee machines, I burst into tears. 278 more words

Lost Child Part 2


At first I was thrilled

a child of my very own

Then with fear I was chilled

for your father was not mine alone. 211 more words