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Summer News - Été 2014

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Tant de choses se sont passées depuis le mois de mars, quand nous avons présenté À la recherche des escargots/Searching for Snails devant de merveilleux publics.Grâce à cette production, nous avons eu le plaisir de retrouver des membres de la compagnie éparpillés de par le monde, comme Emma Zabloski qui est revenue de Victoria le temps de nous diriger, Guy Marsan, qui a pu prendre une pause dans sa maîtrise en Allemagne pour jouer dans sa pièce, et Laura Montgomery qui, en plus de jouer le rôle de Guarbre, a pris le temps de nous offrir un autre atelier d’acrobaties, ce qui a permis à notre musicien polyvalent, Alex Zabloski, d’apprendre des acrobaties et de se joindre à l’équipe d’échassiers acrobates! 515 more words

Are You Celebrating Walking on Stilts Day?

Today is Walk on Stilts Day! Stilts are posts, poles or pillars used to allow a person to stand at a higher space above ground. 68 more words


Wooden Pillars

Spring weather in St. Clair Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Catching the last sunset during my first trip to this amazing country last 2013. Blessed with candy-colored like sunset. 46 more words


GQT: Pleached hedges

The Lime Walk at Arley Hall, Cheshire, an example of pleaching

It’s that time of year when the summer growth of hedges – at least those that need to be kept in trim- is being cut back. 540 more words

Gardening Techniques

Fun with the Kids - Re-Purposing Tin Cans

We do a good job with recycling all of our cans, plastic, paper and glass but I just thought that there had to be another way to get some good use out of some of those things. 369 more words

Being A Mommy

New on 500px : walking on stilts to catch clams by TuGeo by TuGeo

walking on stilts to catch clams. here is a long tradition of craft in coastal areas of Vietnam. The men here, use stilts waves to go along every day. 23 more words

Three Found In The Tree (2014)

1. Nest.

2. Birds.

3. Children.


In the tree house, that was built-

Tree alone, or the one aided by stilts.