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How to make digitgrade stilts for LARP

This comes from seeing a post on the Google+ Larp group that also linked to the same page. Its a to do video on creating simple ditigrade stilts. 86 more words


How-To:Quick & Easy Digitigrade Stilts For Halloweeen

Halloween is fast-approaching, and makers everywhere are gearing up. They’re strolling right past the aisles full of mass-produced costumes, heading instead to the hardware aisle, the fabric section, or the arts & crafts department, gathering materials for their own custom costume creations. 258 more words


Birding with John - Pulborough Brooks

Mid-way along the sinuous river Arun in Sussex there rises a hill, upon this hill is a small town and directly to the south of this town stretches an uninterrupted floodplain blocked only by the South Downs on its journey to the sea. 983 more words


Walking Precautions For Stilts

IMPORTANT-Always take short, deliberate, distinct steps and walk with your stilts well apart. Large or over-extended steps can cause the action springs to bottom out and place excess stresses on the stilt components. 435 more words

Bouncing Stilts


Forgive the uber late post about this one, might as well write about it before I completely forget the details about this “pahabol-sa-summer” trip.

We did not have the time – and the means to stay overnight here so we opted for a day tour instead. 377 more words

Back to Life

These are stilts I made earlier this year. Today I modified them and now they work better than ever. I am an inch taller than my dad when I wear them.

Too Early for Viewing at the Cosumnes River Preserve

I slept in this morning and didn’t get up until about 8:15 am.  I headed right out to the Cosumnes River Preserve hoping to see some Sandhill Cranes and the bee-condos they supposedly had set up.  213 more words