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A Smorgasbord of Concoctions

Drugs have become my only muse.

Oh how I love the rainbow of flavors that is stimulants. Each variety yields its own distinctive taste, pleasures and creative inspiration.

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I Fucking Hate This Life

I don’t know the last time I posted. I’ve been on Adderall and meth since then. I didn’t go through the physical pain that I had on my last binge. 67 more words

Discount Ephedra: What’s Right for You?

Whether you go to the gym regularly or you are just trying to lose a few pounds, energy is often a problem. Exercise increases energy, but just as with money, it takes some to get some. 320 more words


What Are Drugs?

Drugs are substances that have the ability to alter the way the body works both physically and psychologically. They must be able to pass through the body into the brain. 195 more words

Immature Attention

In a world where Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the diagnosis of the decade, few people realize that problems with attention could be the result of an under developed attention or immature attention. 1,023 more words


Helping Kids with Attention Issues: We Can Do Better – Tips & Resources

Judge by rising rates of ADHD diagnoses and medication prescriptions (quintupling over the past 12 years), it would seem that we’ve really got a national epidemic at hand. 808 more words


Does ADHD exist?

From a TIME Magazine article written by Dr. Richard Saul:

“Ever since 1937, when Dr. Charles Bradley discovered that children who displayed symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity responded well to Benzedrine, a stimulant, we have been thinking about this “disorder” in almost the same way. 106 more words