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You Asked: Is Coffee Bad For You?

“I gave up coffee” is a refrain of the health conscious. But should it be? The idea that coffee is a dangerous, addictive stimulant springs mostly from 1970s- and 1980s-era studies that tied the drink to higher rates of cancer and heart disease, explains Dr. 533 more words

Eden -II

Hauled back to her senses by the distant hoarse laughter of the guys searching for her and Lila, Eden fought the effects of the stimulants. Rousing herself slowly, she cast her eyes once more at Lila’s body. 178 more words

Err Alantes Wold

When someone's heart skips a beat, what is wrong with his heart?

There is most likely nothing wrong with his heart. But a person with a heart that frequently skips beats should talk with his doctor to be safe. 710 more words


The Caffeine Experience.

The most depended upon addictive substance on the planet. If you suffer from high blood pressure or some heart problems, it can kill you. Obvious to most of us, it messes up sleep considerably.   364 more words


Cut Out Caffeine Intake: Transition Day 3

Hello everyone! Thank goodness it’s Friday.

The weekend is here, so it’s time to grab a buggy & hit the grocery stores or markets. It’s only a few days before the cleanse begins. 255 more words

Conscious Cleanse

Caffeine: How much is OK??

Caffeine is a funny thing.

Loved cultishly by obsessives who bang on about how they can’t function before their first cup in a morning, coffee almost single-handedly keeps the world turning. 874 more words


active recovery begins

Over the past few months continuing live my chosen path, including levels of excess in various good and bad areas of life, it struck me; I need to make some considerable changes. 276 more words