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Herbs for Couriers--Xanthines

The Lowdown:

  • Different foods have differing effects on individuals–see which foods make you feel more alert and which foods tend to sedate you by noting how you feel about 30 minutes after eating.
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What Causes Muscle Twitching?

Although muscle twitches are very common, they are not very well understood. Nearly everyone has experienced them. Muscle twitches occur spontaneously in well over 90 percent of people at one time or another. 703 more words

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An introduction to drugs.

Drug: any chemical substance (excluding food and water) that alters the structure and function of the body. This is quite a broad definition — shampoo, soap, and moisturizer all roughly fit this description. 1,750 more words


Stimulants and study

Student use of prescription stimulants is commonplace in the class rooms of today, with many taking drugs such as Adderall, Ritalin and recently Modafinil. Of course the most frequently used stimulant is still Caffeine, with students often able to find five or more Cafés on campus. 130 more words


'Bath salt' stimulant MDPV reduces brain connectivity in rats

From Science News:

‘Bath salts’ reduce communication in rat brains

One hour after taking the recreational drug MDPV, brain connectivity is lowered

ByKate Baggaley…

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Bath Salts