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McDonald's accepts you. Why not do the same?

McDonald’s should not be to blame for the epidemic of overweight people in the pass decade or two. We live in a society in which we feel the need to pass the blame of our own faults to another. 672 more words

Is using CAT a game?

What is CAT?

CAT is a witches’ brew of dangerous household and synthetic chemicals, which promises joy, alertness, productivity and great parties. It does not say a word about the destruction it leaves in its wake… 111 more words


How to cure anxiety

Loved this blog post so much, I’m linking to it here! It’s on Tim Ferriss’s blog, and was written by his former assistant Charlie Hoehn. 23 more words


100% Baker's Chocolate--A Potent Medicinal

Cacao is low in Caffeine but high in Theobromine and this is especially evident if one consumes the 100% Baker’s Chocolate.

I was curious about it so I decided to gently melt down 4 squares in the microwave and mixed it in with 1/8th teapsoon pure Stevia powder. 158 more words



I’m a big fan of pre-workout supplements, when used in moderation. Relying on one for every single training session is a recipe for disaster, but using them appropriately can really help you get the most out of your training. 788 more words


So-long Stimulants

My love affair with stimulants and nootropics has seen a stretch of seven years of constant daily adherence to popping pills, downing ever increasing amounts of caffeine and only stopping short of snorting lines of pre-workout off a Thai hooker’s ass in order to stay sharp, increase gym performance and provide me with that confident social edge these substances confer. 1,894 more words


Steroids Are Not The Only Performance Enhancing Drug

When most people think of performance enhancing drugs, their minds automatically go to sports. After all, everyone’s seen the article headlines and watched the news – steroids are used by competitors in many fields to get ahead of the competition. 348 more words