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Caffeine: How much is OK??

Caffeine is a funny thing.

Loved cultishly by obsessives who bang on about how they can’t function before their first cup in a morning, coffee almost single-handedly keeps the world turning. 821 more words



Over the past few months continuing live my chosen path, including levels of excess in various good and bad areas of life, it struck me; I need to make some considerable changes. 276 more words

Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day means different things to different people around our world.

To me, as an American, I always think of our national holiday, patriotic speeches, parades, fireworks, and lots of flag waving! 325 more words

Lidocaine Patches

What are stimulants?

Stimulants are drugs that make you feel more alert. Caffeine, found in tea, coffee and chocolate, is one example. Many plants contain naturally occurring stimulants (probably to deter invading insects) that in humans make the brain and body more active. 236 more words


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stimulant ant bearings on the war


the endlessest of all endless wars

release the POWs

make psychedelics a part of culture

see the end of this barbarism… 23 more words