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Непросто мне с названиями рыб. Я жду, когда мне подвернется морской дьявол или monkfish. В порту меня убедили, что мне нужен морской кот, килограмм которого я тут же на сходнях купила  у рыбака, который уже разделал его. 7 more words

Национальные кухни


I’M seldom ever called a geek, but when it comes to fishing, geek could well be my middle name. I’ve been fishing for a good 13 years, starting when I couldn’t even speak intelligibly. 535 more words

Student Essays

Aboriginal Turquoise Stingray

£50 + P&P

This is an original Australian Aboriginal-style Blue, Green, Orange and white painting of a stingray. It was made with acrylic paint within the past year on a 30×40 cm stretched canvas. 25 more words


Musicman Stingray

In general, I do prefer a passive bass. My thought process is that anything additional that could go wrong can go wrong, and batteries are the worst for this sort of thing. 552 more words


The Hidden StingRay Within the Murky Waters of Surveillance

Law enforcement use of IMSI catchers and their insidious efforts to hide it.

By Miriam Swedlow

Thanks to NPR’s radio program, Serial, thousands of Americans now know that a person’s movements can be verified by following the interaction between a cell phone and nearby cell phone towers. 437 more words

Government And Regulation

Global Load Balancing using the @Riverbed SteelApp Traffic Manager

Global Load Balancing allows the continuation of service for organisations with large, distributed infrastructures whilst at the same time ensuring users are directed to the site most appropriate to their location. 964 more words