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Cameron Diaz Admits To Not Wearing Deodorant

Gross! Huffingpost reports that Cameron Diaz admitted to E! News that she hasn’t wore deodorant for almost 20 years, claiming, “It’s really bad for you.” She also said, “You’re stinky because you use antiperspirant.  76 more words


College Student Discovers Deodorant Not Substitute for Shower

EVANSTON, Il. — With temperatures finally rising and spring in Evanston approaching normalcy, sources report that McCormick Sophomore Eric Lehman has realized that putting on deodorant does not substitute for taking a shower. 370 more words


Once A Skunk

Been there done that. By the time you are in senior management for a long time you have met all types of animals. One of the worst is the skunk. 172 more words

B.O. + NO deodorant = Yegh

There is a certain someone that you love and respect. A very wonderful, outspoken, and intelligent person with great ideas whose company you absolutely enjoy… 451 more words

What a lovely morning.
If a car gives my bike and I less than 10cm of room they are likely to get a kneejerk response. Today’s phrase was “fuckin’ell mate!

382 more words

#263 Ode to a woman

You took him
and it’s ok – and yet dare to say
you are not fit for family.

Of course you are not:
there’s no invisible shit… 10 more words


A Smelly Journal

In a humid country like India , our olfactory receptors are always on alert to identify smells and God knows  most of those are stenches ; be it a crowded public vehicle , an office or a market . 732 more words