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Lament Against Life

Scar me with your vicious claws

Destroy my life within your womb,

Mash my soul to mix with dirt

Rub with salt the open wound. 108 more words


A Cautionary Tale of Stress and Anxiety

The following information is gross. Just gross.

Stress. One name and many forms.

Some people get a tick. Some people cry. Some people binge on pizza, ice cream and nostalgic television. 155 more words

Guira Cuckoo

Here is another bird that, while it can fly like a kite, sometimes runs. It has two toes pointed forward and two pointed backward, which assist in running along the ground. 76 more words

Tunneling our way

Been a couple of days I was driving my way to office and a blow of foul odour stuck me causing an in furious flame for the ones who are the reason for the same. 311 more words


Fix this!

She’d been admitted for a few days before she by  the time she was assigned to me. The list of social problems had grown longer than her medical issues. 600 more words

Labor And Delivery