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Boy Stink: The Struggle is Real

As a country, I think we should take a step back and look at where we are funding research. While certainly a cure for cancer deserves a shot at pole position in the race for grant money, there are other things that are sadly overlooked. 363 more words

Much Ado About Nothing

#205 - A Bad Smell and Where It Came From

Once upon a time, the world smelled of roses and rainbows, if rainbows have a smell.  Everyone was happy and cheerful and they would always break out into huge song numbers. 

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Fantasy Friend vs. Real Friend

We’ve used the Pine Tree Deodorizer many times including the fourth week of the strip back in July 22, 1995:

Not a bad gag. Verne looks a little insectoid, but other than that pretty good.

Comic Commentary

An apology

To anyone I ever offended with my smoking stink, I am sorry.

Now, as a former smoker, I understand how horrible I smelled and I’m sorry. 13 more words

Life and roses

A while back,  I heard someone make the statement, “Life is not a bed of roses.”  I have also heard, “Life is like a bed of roses.”  There are many different ways this quote has been said and used.  517 more words


Take Out the Trash

Wednesday is considered “trash day” in our subdivision, and we usually take out all the trash the night before. Well, yesterday when I got home, I noticed a smell and discovered that we missed a small bag. 79 more words

I still smell

I can’t seem to shake the smell of vomit. I cleaned up and changed clothes, I even washed my skin several times and then sprayed myself with perfume. 13 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm