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This Really S.T.I.N.K.S.!

“Dee Stinktive”

New Animal Art Print

Mixed Media Painting/Collage

Sharon Cummings


Florida has skunks.  I have never seen one, but I know they exist here.   113 more words



I actually smell like a homeless person, in fact a homeless person probably smells better than me. Let me explain.
I left Koh Tao Saturday 14.30hrs for a 3hr boat journey that took 4hrs on the roughest sea. 130 more words

People that don't like the smell of their own body odor are weird.

People that don’t like the smell of their own body odor are weird.

Deodorant is just a “social construct” because of peer pressure from others, bullying, and “social norms” that say that you should respect the space of others and not stink, or else you can be socially shamed and made to “conform” instead of… 59 more words


My Nose Knows

I’ve been both cursed and blessed with an astute sense of smell. Nothing gets past my nose. God bless the inventor of deodorant!

Pro: I can warn others in the car on a hot summer day that a skunk is up ahead. 89 more words

Garlic you healthy bulb. Or not. Or what????

Is Garlic Good for You or Bad for You?

I found an interesting and rather long article about garlic. Garlic has been believed a healthy food since the ancient times and it has been widely used as a medication, aphrodisiac or anti -bacterial treatment. 261 more words


Beetle Spirit Medicine

Animal Spirit Guides can help us in many ways. They might lend us their strength, mirror something back to us or get us thinking a bit more deeply about the life themes we are exploring at this time. 1,999 more words