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Why I Love the Smell of Armpits

I had a talk this morning with the God of all creation.  It was a deep, philosophical conversation… ok, no it wasn’t.  I asked Him why He made armpits… and His answer floored me!  466 more words

Why does my washing machine smell?

Bad smells of mildew and mold is a common problem in front-loading high-efficiency washing machines. This is because these types of washers use less water by design and therefor, require less detergent as well. 278 more words


10 Things not to ask a guy who shit a little at an office meeting. (or maybe the first 10 things you should ask a guy who shit a little at an office meeting)

1. Do you think I can’t smell that? You know I can smell that, right?
2. For future reference, if you shart and yell “Synergy!” we will think you planned it. 234 more words



A bunch of years ago, I decided to use a deodorant instead of an antiperspirant.  In my brain, “antiperspirant” means some chemical is designed to STOP a natural process – sweating. 162 more words

My View Of The World

Celebrity fragrance sales for Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift stink - New York Post

The Guardian

Celebrity fragrance sales for Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift stinkNew York PostArden&#39s stock tanked practically 25 % on Tuesday right after the firm cited a worse-than-expected slide in its celebrity fragrance business — namely, two of its biggest stars. “The decline in sales of …

Stinky Candle Company

Yes, there really is a Stinky Candle Company. On their web site they offer some normal scents (Chocolate Chip Cookie, Baby Powder), some unusual scents (Leather Jacket, Buttered Popcorn), and many truly strange candle scents that the company is named for (Fish, Onion, Fart, Gasoline), and they’re just $10 each. 8 more words