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Taxidermy photobombs of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Visiting relatives in Texas, just like last spring. Very distant relatives. And this happened:

Here’s the culprit, with his sidekicks Monorail Badger, Trashbag Tortoise, and Kas-Tor, Last Beaver of Krypton. 26 more words


Behold, the SV-POW! mole!

When Fiona checked her email this morning, she found this note from our next-door neighbour Jenny:

I seem to remember Mike wanting a mole – I do hope so because I’ve left you a body on your patio in a cereal box!

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Stinkin' Mammals

Welcome, Cracked readers--here's some eyeball bait

Although it would be nice to think that our site views have octupled in the last day because of Mike’s fine and funny posts about what search terms bring people to SV-POW!, the real reason is that we were blessed by incoming links from both pages of… 476 more words

Stinkin' Mammals

Photography and illustration talk, Part 9: Perspective and scale bars

The Sauroposeidon stuff is cribbed from this post. For the pros and cons of scale bars in figures, see the comment thread after this post… 43 more words