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Not so shut.....

A few months away from the laptop has given me writer-idea’s block so I’ve decided to utilize The Daily Prompt question.

Mouths Wide Shut:  Are you a picky eater? 493 more words

Food, more food, and carnival games

士林 Night Market

No words can capture the hundreds of enticing scents in this nightly underground food festival. Pictures just tempt you and ask you why you decided to leave this place and go home. 79 more words

The Town of Jiufen (九份)

by Tyler (edited by his amazing girlfriend)

So there we were, all four of us staring down the alley of what would be a breathtaking experience for our travels in Taiwan. 966 more words


Taiwan; Hsinchu Night Market (3)

Hi.. I am still in Hsinchu Night Market (not literally though) . My 3rd and final posting on my walkabout in the Hsinchu night market. 253 more words


Sunday Adventures

Despite being out until 5am, I somehow managed to get up at 9am to meet up with Fede, Gaja and Ricki for a day trip today! 1,129 more words

三來健康素食 Sunlike Healthy Vegetarian Buffet (Zhongsheng, Taipei) - ★★★

Quick Check:

  • Quality:  ★★★ – Good
  • Type: All Vegetarian; Taiwanese, buffet (Note: difficult for non-Chinese-speaking vegans)
  • Location: Near Taiwan Main Station, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan…
  • 823 more words

Prinici(pal)s and Payoffs

The Taiwanese people are generally known for being extremely friendly, overly generous, and incredibly indirect. As an American, the indirectness can sometimes be a bit much, and there are some conversations where you just wish you could channel your inner 1960’s American mom and interject, “Now, Johnny, please say what you mean and mean what you say.” But, as far as the first two attributes go, the benefits are endless. 926 more words