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I like stinky food. I like fermented things. Durian (a delicious but stinky fruit) chòu dòufu (stinky tofu), natto (Japanese fermented soy), prahok (Cambodian fermented fish), are all things I enjoy. 546 more words


Richmond Night Market

So wonderful to be visiting the Richmond night market!

Weather was nice and so many people — queueing up for food, waiting for food and it was so much fun! 564 more words


Stinky Tofu, 臭豆腐, Take 1 and 2

A few weeks ago, I announced on FB that the only reason for coming to Taiwan this Summer was to eat Stinky Tofu. For most Westerners, soybeans can already be a foreign concept not to mention this deep-fried fermented soybean tofu, served with pickled sour cabbage, chili, garlic mash and sweet sauce. 323 more words


Strong Odor Tofu and Pork Ribs 纸锅臭豆腐烧排骨

Speaking of Stinky Tofu, different Chinese people have extremely different reactions. Some people really like it, while some others don’t. Stinky Tofu is a special street food in China because of its unique strong odor, which comes from fermentation.  139 more words

Chinese Food

Happy Smells

Smells that are comforting to me. The ones that make me happy.

I have two favorites and they are somewhat unusual. Even though I grew up in the United States, these favorite smells of mine lean toward my Asian culture. 335 more words


Night It Up - in the afternoon?!

Night It Up is an annual night market event that happens in Markham with a lot of outdoor sports competitions, a lot of live performances, and a lot of delicious food!!! 801 more words