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I’m not sure, but I think there may be something a bit off about the dog.  I’ve never had a dog, nor known one, to willingly stick his/her head into a stinky boot.   211 more words

Max's First Haircut at a Salon

This weekend my wife Kate and I debated if we should scar our 3 year-old son Max for life (again) by pinning him down in the bathroom while cutting his hair.  661 more words


A Cautionary Tale of Stress and Anxiety

The following information is gross. Just gross.

Stress. One name and many forms.

Some people get a tick. Some people cry. Some people binge on pizza, ice cream and nostalgic television. 155 more words

Your Baby Butt say what???? UMMM stink, stank, stunk...

So, today’s blog is a little all over the place so please forgive me…

Solid foods…

So your baby starts eating solid food; well that is my baby right now.   373 more words

Stinky Beautiful Offspring

Kids are gross. I don’t mean just the slimy little babies and booger-eating toddlers (we already know they’re gross, and still somehow so darn cute!). I’m talking about big kids, too; elementary school-aged children who should be done with the icky phase by now. 728 more words

Miss Ida, Your Coffee Is Stinky

It’s a long week here in Gengga. I’ve moved my Friday classes to other days so that I can celebrate Thanksgiving with other Fellows this weekend. 161 more words