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Toma Sahyadrese

Toma Sahyadrese

First batch of Toma Sahyadrese was cut into last night. Currently at six weeks, this cheese was made without the addition of any cultures. 95 more words

Direct Acid Cheeses


One day, I was in the kitchen doing some cooking.  From where I was standing, I could see Geordie wake up in the other room with a totally puzzled look on his face. 116 more words


every person I encountered today was stinky #takeashower

Okay so I have an obsession with hashtags, #whatever
But as an attempt to be possitive about this an idea spawned forth: Stinky Perfumes in Ritzy Looking Bottles. 72 more words

Response #22 Stinky Sneakers

Mysterious Theologian:  Pastor Paul Block of Transfiguration Lutheran Church in The Bronx, NY.

Dear Sneaker, so ragged and torn,

your stench is so strong, and soles so worn, 246 more words

The Mysterious Theologian

Rick Stacy On Demand 3.27.14

Drunken Secret Service agents, Kim Kardashian’s burger joints, and a stinky sneaker contest come front and center in today’s edition of Rick Stacy On Demand! 283 more words


Squishy, stinky, shiny, fuzzy! - the advent of adjectives!

Since I’ve started volunteering at the school, I’ve actually noticed quite a big difference in the childrens language. One of them has been off sick but the other has really come out of her shell while it was just her and I.  207 more words


What the Smell?

I will say, I have changed a diaper before having my own child. Many times when I was doing this I would tend to gag, dry heave, and make gagging sounds from the smell that would erupt from their diapers. 220 more words