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Funny Tinder Story No. 01

So… I’ve been waiting for this day to come. I’ve heard loads of crazy Tinder stories from friends, mostly about people who are stage-five-clingers/stalkers/psycho bitches/way fatter in person… and I’ve always been very envious that I didn’t have any of my own. 1,038 more words


Performers Choice for Condom Use in Porn.

When I first started my career in porn I utilized the industry standard of sexual health testing as my protection mechanism. This means that my co-stars and me would be tested before we arrive on set and would not use barrier methods such as condoms or dams. 558 more words

So, how long until eleven year old mothers become the norm?

Today millions of children across the UK are playing out in the sunshine enjoying the last week of their Easter holidays. But one pair of children… 622 more words

'Selling Sex' - Instead of Criminalising it, Why not License it?

Instead of criminalising the ‘selling of sex’ why not LICENSE and tax it, in a similar way to that taxi drivers? That way it could be made compulsory for sex workers to go in person to get their license, taking photo id to prove who they are. 252 more words


Double dipping is neither big nor clever

Imagine the scene: you’re sat in a restaurant, a plate of spring rolls arrive with a lovely dish of scrumptious, dipping heaven.

Chopsticks ahoy!

Then, after the first bite, your dinner guest lowers their half-eaten, saliva riddled spring roll back towards the dipping dish. 231 more words



This is my catharsis right now, as I just finished a lecture on sexually transmitted diseases/infections, complete with graphic pictures. Just a note: this is not intended to promote abstinence. 133 more words