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My characters care about safe sex because I have to

A few weeks ago, Tamsin Flowers wrote a thought-provoking post about whether or not erotica authors have a responsibility to incorporate safe sex in their fiction. 1,840 more words

Oh! There's A Rise In STI's...And Doctors Blame Tinder? #WrapItUp

So…are people really hooking up with people via social dating sites and straight bumpin’ unprotected? C’mon son!

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“Thanks to Grindr or Tinder, you can acquire chlamydia in five minutes” 302 more words

Ro Digga

Sexual Empowerment Doesn't Necessarily Mean PVC….

A few weeks ago I came across The Stylist Sex Survey 2014 in the 11th December issue of “The Stylist.” I like The Stylist, which is a weekly UK freebie aimed at female commuters, which obviously includes regular bits on one of our favourite topics: Sex. 547 more words

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Natural Ways to Treat Vaginal Odor

Can’t take the stank? Feeling less than fresh? Like it or not, we’ve all experienced our own or someone else’s offensive vaginal at one time or another. 673 more words

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Twas Christmas Day... and I got tested for STIs

Of all the possible days, yes, I got tested for STIs in Zhengzhou on Christmas Day. Being a Jewish person, Christmas has never mattered that much to me. 927 more words

'Let's Talk About HIV, Easy as A,B,C,'

Yeah this is a slightly manipulated reference to Michael Jackson’s song:

A= Abstinence

B= Being Faithful

C= Correct and Consistent Use of Condoms

Voilà… No more HIV. 800 more words

What I Didn't Learn at School

It’s time we sat down and had a talk, you and I. I think what I want to say is best summed up in a personal anecdote from Sixth Form. 953 more words