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Free stitch pattern: Knit Net

Last weekend I was inhaling Mary Thomas’s  Book of Knitting Patterns. (I was in a rush as I’d borrowed it through Interlibrary Loan and didn’t have it for long. 396 more words


Étude no. 6: vertical symmetry in lace. A free stitch pattern.

I’ve been wanting to work on my ability to make lace appear vertically symmetrical as well as horizontally for a while now. It turns out that it’s trickier than you might think. 601 more words


Free Stitch Pattern: Friendship

This month’s word, suggested by Nim on Patreon, is Friendship. This seems a delightful way to start the new year – I hope we all have plenty of it. 435 more words


Happy New Year! A free stitch pattern: 2015

Just on a whim, I decided to turn 2015 into charts for knitting and other needlework. The lace design is a ribbing pattern—I inserted the purl columns to simplify the design. 170 more words


Free lace stitch pattern: Winter

Happy Winter Solstice – it will be nice to see the days grow longer again.

Here’s the last of the four seasons. I was considering trying for another cable, but I couldn’t make any of the charts work out as a nice cable design, so here we are with lace. 225 more words


Dear Designers,

It has come to my attention (because of a few conversations recently) that some designers are tempted to use my stitch patterns in their designs, but feel shy about doing so. 689 more words


Charts for justice/equality/mercy

(I’ve fussed with color and focus.)

These are the two charts I worked out for combining all three words for those who want to work with all three. 511 more words