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Dear Designers,

It has come to my attention (because of a few conversations recently) that some designers are tempted to use my stitch patterns in their designs, but feel shy about doing so. 689 more words


Charts for justice/equality/mercy

(I’ve fussed with color and focus.)

These are the two charts I worked out for combining all three words for those who want to work with all three. 511 more words


Pattern Release: Onward top-down hat recipe

There are days when I need to acknowledge unpleasantness, but keep moving forward. On those days, my motto is onward. I made this hat as a tactile reminder to myself for those days. 334 more words


Equality: simplifying the fundraising pattern

There were two things running round my head the last couple of days as I was swatching:

  1. If a few people are unhappy with Mercy…
  2. 168 more words

Poll Results: Equality, Justice, Mercy

Equality, Justice, Mercy 15 57.69% 57.69% Human Rights 7 26.92% 26.92% Civil Rights 4 15.38% 15.38%

The results are in: Equality, Justice, Mercy was the most popular by far (a small sample size, but we work with what we’ve got). 120 more words


A followup on words for the fundraising pattern.

(See last post for more context.)

There seem to be two major opinions: combine Mercy, Justice, and Equality or combine Justice… 244 more words


In which I get political and start a fundraising project

I’ve narrowed down the options I’d like to work with. Please see my next post for my reasoning and to take a poll.

I don’t think I’ve gotten politics in my craftblogging before. 1,062 more words