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Embroider to mend the soul.

So I’ve never embroided anything before, but the more I research cross stitching the more fascinated I become.

There are SO many delightful embroidery ideas out there, which give them some inspiration to create my own and mix and match embroidery with cross stitch. 45 more words

Thingy - the starting point of Reginald

Have I introduced you to Thingy yet? She is my favourite thing I have ever made. She is actually the starting point of all things Reginald, so she’s really quite important you see. 144 more words

Foxy progress ...

Started this handstitched fox last night and here is my progress so far … Hope you like it.

& My First Quilt!

So I was inspired to make my first quilt after my best friend / partner in crime / sister / friendship soulmate and her husband told us they were pregnant. 347 more words

More Scrap Busting

More scraps stitched together to make larger pieces for inclusion in other work.  It seems to take so long to do – especially the sorting through scraps to find pieces that will work together.   90 more words


Swinging Moods: Bad for Business?

Hello my little avocado,

How are you my little one? Wish you could be with us right now. Picture me at the couch watching TV, your dog sister Myla curled up next to me, and your Dad working at the computer. 403 more words

The Beginning

Work in progress ... Due to collapsed ceiling!

Embroidery – this was meant to be finished by this evening, 


but I hope you will understand that for once, an unexpected event meant that my craft for the day wasn’t completed.   23 more words