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Sivil Sesler Festivali, 15-16 Mayıs 2014, Ankara

  • Sivil Toplum Geliştirme Merkezi’nin Türkiye’nin birçok yerinden sivil toplum örgütlerinin katılımıyla birlikte organize edeceği “Sivil Sesler” Festivali, 15-16 Mayıs’da Ankara’da gerçekleştirilecek. 2 gün boyunca 100’e yakın sivil toplum örgütünün stant açacağı, konserlerin, atölye çalışmalarının, panellerin, söyleşilerin, kısa film/belgesel gösterimlerinin olacağı “Özgürlüğün Değişen Sınırları” temalı festivalimize bekliyoruz…Sivil Sesler, sivil toplum örgütlerinin (STÖ) seslerini duyurabilecekleri bir festival.
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Best bar in the world EVER!

Left Santa Barbara and headed back to LA for a couple of extra nights because, well, we love LA. We did another Air BnB apartment, this time in Hollywood, a few blocks from Runyon Canyon (see above) hiking trail to the stars. 425 more words


Biting the Bulleit at STK Midtown

It always amazes me when a bartender, at an amazingly loud and crowded bar in Manhattan, can make a drink that doesn’t taste like it got caught up in the shuffle. 129 more words


12 oz steak and the most amazing bar...

Back for our final two days in LA now and decided to pay a visit to STK on La Cienega. We’ve been to STK in NYC and the one in Vegas so it seemed only fair to stop by their sister. 192 more words


Google reveals TAPE-TASTIC data centre in saucy vid

Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

A new video from internet search giant Google shows off the tape libraries where all the “important stuff” is looked after in its new Lenoir data centre. 31 more words



Feb 2014

Gong is a musical implementation of the classic arcade game, Pong. The user adds balls to the system – these generate reverbed plucks of the Mandolin when they collide with surfaces, and leave trails on the screen canvas as if they’d been rolled in paint. 88 more words