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Kolla tex den här (som verkar vara den enda ettåringen som finns ute nu):


Vill ha…


Donors for April 19th, 2014

Looks like one of our daily trolls has paid us a visit yet again. I still cannot understand why in the one hour I do the giveaway he chooses that time to try to sell stuff. 249 more words


Donors for April 18th, 2014

Another good giveaway today capped off by a Fleet Ship Module being given. I am quite happy when we have minimal issues! It seems people are really starting to understand what the giveaway is all about – Community! 36 more words


Dressed to Kill

How many of you devoted fans of Star Trek Online have purchased a costume set for your character(s)? They have some sweet setups to deck out your toon with any motivation you can think of. 1,129 more words


Donors for April 17, 2014

Here are the donors for today’s giveaway. Things went much smoother today as minimal trolling was had. I got some more good stuff from the donors and the community benefited! 21 more words


Donors for April 16, 2014

Here are the donors for today’s giveaway. I also want to add in the names Gabriel@liquiidy and Terial@Arron_Terial  for donating a ton of great items! 452 more words


Star Trek Online - Saint Olivia Fleet Upgrade

It took a little time, but we have finally started a big upgrade for the spire. Tier two operations project is now on countdown. Sadly, it takes 7 frickin days to complete. 165 more words