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Donors for September 19, 2014

Started slow today and my cat exploded so I had to interrupt the giveaway in the middle to dear with that. Don’t worry, kitty is fine. 275 more words


Donors for September 18, 2014

Today’s giveaway was a little slow. New people as usual, but it felt as if NO ONE was reading anything so I had to throw them a curve ball. 161 more words


Gymnocalycium damsii v. centrispinum STO 981

Gymnocalycium damsii v. centrispinum STO 95-981

Bolivia: Robore to Santiago, Santa Cruz, 160m 18 more words


Star Trek Online - R&D Duty Officers

There have been several people asking questions about leveling in the new R&D system in the game. One of the more annoying things is that most people don’t realize that once you get to level 15 (The minimum level needed to craft the better gear) you still need a special R&D Duty Officer to actually start the crafting assignment. 116 more words


Donors for September 17, 2014

Today was a pretty good giveaway. The final item was a Fleet Ship Module which is always nice! A few people are still catching on to the key word function so if you see someone having problems or not sure of what to do, please help them out. 181 more words


Delta Rising and T'Leia

Cryptic has been releasing a bit more information about the upcoming Delta Rising expansion over the last couple of weeks, and finally got around to my lingering question I had: Mk XIII and Mk XIV gear. 262 more words


Donors for September 16, 2014

Today started slow, but it picked up nicely.

In case you all haven’t seen it yet, the new Online Only drawing has gone live! You can win a Tuffli freighter! 155 more words