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Are You Doing Your Research? (Update on NEU)

  Is NEU headed into the stratosphere?

Options traders need to do some basic research on the companies they follow and trade.  Not only will you be a better trader but a smarter person.   447 more words


Employee Stock Options - The Big Catch

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the compensation discussion is in full swing. This morning, Dan Primack wrote about one of the key issues with employee stock options in his Term Sheet newsletter ( 499 more words

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More top companies giving CEOs performance-based awards

When it came time to reward top executives last year, more leading companies handed out performance-based awards instead of time-vesting stock options, according to a new study from human resources consulting firm Mercer. 344 more words


Shareholders seem to have shamed Oracle into reducing Larry Ellison's giant pay package

According to an analysis by research firm Equilar, the idea that CEO pay is linked to performance is mostly mythology. There are few better examples of that than Larry Ellison, the CEO of database giant Oracle. 333 more words

What Can Realistically Be Done About Inequality?

An important opinion piece on the Inequality issue by Joseph Blasi ought to get more exposure, because it makes a good faith effort to propose something realistic that could be done about it.  593 more words


Zenefits tackles another founder pain point with automated stock option management

There are things only founders understand about building a company. Some of them are abstract, like the psychological toll of carrying the the responsibility of employees’ livelihoods and investors capital on your shoulders. 1,123 more words


Is money important motivation?

The idea to write this post came from my recent meeting with startups that are financed through Y Soft Venture Capital. I have regular sessions with these startups and I always ask them what should be the next topic – and to my surprise they’ve chosen… 786 more words