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Monthly reflections - November 2014

Lots of excitement since the October Monthly Reflections

The It’s in the details solo exhibit is up and running through mid-December, it looks great! I had a reception that 40-50 friends attended, so wonderful to have the support of so many friends! 76 more words

Stock Photography

Streaming From YAY Images – Your Limitless Supply of Images for the Web

Updated: If there is one thing I do know it’s that one shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of good stock photos. Without microstock agencies, we’d all have to spend stacks of money on professional photographers – or otherwise risk getting sued by taking stuff we find on Google Images. 29 more words

In Need Of Amazing Stock Photos This Summer? Check Out These Sites

Updated: When you first encountered the challenge of building a website or a blog you soon realized the need for interesting and compelling imagery and that stock photography merchants are a great source for obtaining images that fit nicely in with your content. 33 more words

Does Film Not Work All of a Sudden?

Of course it does! These recent shots were taken on an OM2N with a Vivitar 17mm f3.5 or a humble 50mm f1.8 using Adox Silvermax. More importantly they were accepted by the agency for commercial use (hopefully book covers). 147 more words



This week I had a milestone to celebrate, as I got my 1000th picture accepted on Fotolia! That was an event I could not just let go by, as reaching this milestone is a serious reward for long hours of work outside in nature, but also behind the computer. 145 more words