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"Beware of the Diamond Dogs"

SPX formed a diamond similar to the last 5 days of January which then broke in move down. This one could be good for 22ish point move either way so targets 1942 and 1998 (the 62%)

1964 + 21 (fib # and the 38%) = 1985 high today

23.6% 1977
38% 1985
50% 1992
62% 1998

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Well the ole blind squirrel called 1964 LOL. +D on daily rsi5 is a great entry for a swing trade. Sittin at LL practice so no charts now but I’m leaning to this being minor 3. 35 more words

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from ATH the yellow forks show 1st rebound was held by its median line
the orange forks show the 2nd rebound was held by its median line too… 46 more words

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Weekend Update

Bearish Red count is the same but I changed the bullish count. If 2019 isn’t P3 the next likely target above it is the 2050 area. 12 more words

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Hard beginning

My life as a stock market enthusiast began in early 2007. Markets were on a roll and it seemed so easy to make money. If you were not in market you were losing out. 338 more words



so far things are textbook.

Sept 16 chart

Sept 19 chart

I’m cautiously bullish for at least a HWB to the 1991 area. Why?
(EDIT this) 43 more words

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High Road or Low Road?

Paused at median line. decide…
coil, drop or advance?

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