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Today Intraday Tips Oct 24, 2014

Tip of the day- The matrix is not simple, it has the unstable 44. Simple things suggest a dull market because of matrix total 38 which kills income.

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seems to confirm 1927 (16460) was THE test of support.
or is it all too perfect?

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perfect 21(fib)ish down from 1949 to 1927
plus a perfect backtest of the green median line.

but is it too perfect?
maybe look for a curveball here? 23 more words



another 20 point drop like 1898-1878 (fib 21pts) would give a test of the prior 4th at 1929. then 34 up to 1963 to end the bounce? 23 more words


Today Intraday Tips Oct 23, 2014

Day tip- there are good numbers 23, 33 in the matrix. After low initials, the market could pick uptrend. And yes, there could be swings or double down ups…

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STOCKS to watch ***UPDATE***

****UPDATE 10/21/2014****


Updated earlier today but it went NUTS so here is final figures for the day at close!!
GAIN OR LOSS SINCE FRIDAY Oct 17th… 115 more words

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Today Intraday Tips Oct 22, 2014

Day tip- Destiny 34 is unstable, it could project an extra 9… which could create wealth number 30 with wed. There is the possibility of low levels in middle or beginning. 15 more words

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