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Zainia wakes.

Acute, bitter, disappointment floods through her as she realises that waking in bed with her husband, on her own fresh sheets, their two toddler girls snuggled between them, was just a dream. 760 more words


Can I tell you a story about the time I went to Stockholm?

After spending two days in beautiful London, and working off the jetlag, I was quite eager to explore a city I’ve never visited before. But before I start my recount of Sweden, I just wanted to give a little shoutout to RyanAir, I flew majority of my trips with them and I’ve flew with them in the past before, and they have been so good! 1,161 more words

Day 124 -- July 28, 1974


Today we started out by visiting the Millesgården, a sculpture garden and museum, which was located at the former home of the artist Carl Milles (1875-1955).  154 more words


The one from day 363

Hi friends and family,

Apologies for letting nearly 6 months go by without writing!  Stockholm is keeping me very busy bagging my own groceries, riding backwards on public transportation and having more conversations about the weather than I thought was humanly possible!   710 more words

The GayStation 4 Is Up For Auction!

It’s Pride Week in Sweden. This means the usual: less clothing on pedestrians in the gayborhood and rainbows every where — including on a PlayStation 4! 125 more words


I workout

Ikväll har jag varit tillbaka på gymmet, såå skönt att vara där!

Man hinner nästan glömma bort hur skönt det är när man inte är där på några veckor. 57 more words


Beautiful you

Jag har tänkt mycket på beteende, bemötande och livsstil på det sistone. Jag har bland annat fokuserat mycket på att försöka vara en bra medmänniska, och med detta känner jag att jag helt enkelt tappat mig själv lite. 390 more words