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The Kitty Litter Conundrum

I miss mucking horse stalls. Seriously. I can’t quite explain why, but I really prefer it to cleaning my cats’ litter pans. Yes you have to clean one at least daily if not more often whereas the other you can leave for a few days, but at least horses are outside! 351 more words

Life Inspired

Season to Taste

The best part about making your own seasoning blends is that you can truly season them to taste.

Here’s one of my favorites!

Adobo seasoning: 154 more words


Cooking for a Crowd or Just Stocking Up

Over Father’s Day weekend, my husband and all the boys went on their annual Father’s Day Fly Fishing trip. I decided to make some breakfast burritos for Landon to take with him so they would have something quick to eat for breakfast if they wanted and wrapped them in tin foil so all they would need to do is heat them up in the fire.  266 more words


Give me the food

At the start I tried a few different approaches to weaning. I was quite keen on baby-led as the reasoning makes a lot of sense to me, ie they explore the food more, eat as much as they like, you can give them some of what you’re eating, not to mention how cute it looks when they’re holding a baton of food and gumming it to pieces! 291 more words


Water, Water Everywhere and Not A Drop to Drink

“It’s easier to get free wi-fi than it is to get free water and people act like there’s nothing wrong with the world”. – Fidel Littlelight… 621 more words