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U.S. Gov Insists It Doesn’t Stockpile Zero-Day Exploits to Hack Enemies

Source: Wired, 11/2014

For years the government has refused to talk about or even acknowledge its secret use of zero-day exploits to hack into the computers of adversaries and criminal suspects. 88 more words


Monday Brews - Kickstarter Shout Outs

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Boards & Barley! I hope you had a great weekend. On Mondays I normally post about the board games and beer I enjoyed over the past week or two. 742 more words

The Boards

Starting my stockpile with $20

I know what you’re thinking. How can I possibly store one year’s worth of food with just $20? To be completely honest. You can’t.

On a daily basis, all of the foods that you see and eat would be considered luxury foods. 516 more words

Self Reliance

India destroys stockpile of illegal wildlife parts

Animal poaching and smuggling have flourished in India driven by black market demand from China Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries where many believe

Overstocking the Pantry and What I did with it!

Grocery store shops are one of my favorites and MUSTS. I take on mystery shops based off my lifestyle and where I like to shop and do. 672 more words

Toilette Confessions

I spent a couple of hours this evening sorting all of my travel-sized toiletries.

I will not need to buy anything for at least a year. 91 more words


The (not) Stockpiler

I spent three nights at my Mom’s over the weekend while attending a funeral. BTW My Mom is the only person around who still thinks of me as “young.” 272 more words

Intentional Day-to-Day Life