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Schoolboy, 12, busts local gangster after seeing him stash guns in a hedge

A 12-year-old schoolboy helped to land a notorious Liverpool gangster a hefty prison sentence after he saw him stash some weapons in a hedge.

The unnamed boy, from Stockport, was playing with friends in a grassy area near their homes in Heavily where gangster Darren Alcock and his accomplice Paul Estridge had driven to pick up weapons from a Manchester gun-runner. 254 more words


Mash it up

We played at the wonderful Mash Guru in Macclesfield a couple of weeks back and we’ve been invited back in the future, here are a couple of pics from what was a fantastic night!


LET'S JUDGE the Lib Dems on their record - my article for the Stockport Express

At the last election, the Liberal Democrats stood on a platform of “fair taxes that put money back in your pocket”. In his foreword to your party’s 2010 manifesto, Nick Clegg wrote, “Don’t settle for low politics and broken promises”. 435 more words


Drummer wanted

Are you a drummer and a team player?

Do you like rock & metal?
Do you have a sense of humour?
Do you want to embark on a World Tour next week?………well look to gig around Stockport anyway! 311 more words


"We weren't far off playing in Europe"

Loyal Stockport County fan recalls better times for The Hatters in the not-so-distant past 573 more words