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Vox Pop on BRT Television 03/08/2014 - Mark Phillips and Mighty FM

VOX POP tête-à-tête

Mark Phillips and Mighty FM

By Engin Dervişağa

On this week’s Vox Pop programme on BRT2 Live on Sunday 3rd August at 12.30pm my guest is Mark Phillips. 217 more words


Wedding Dress Factory Outlet Stockport

Located in Great Manchester, Stockport is a large town with a variety of rich history and culture to divulge in. Stockport was a well known town that specialised in textiles in the early 18th century. 148 more words


The 12th Man: Phil Brennan

Phil Brennan is the 4th County fan to answer the questions in our ‘The 12th Man’ feature as he discusses everything from appearing on Soccer AM to a County goalkeeper throwing a match.

Stockport County

'Original Sin' Music Video

For some time now I’ve been promising my mate Joe Thomas that I’d shoot a music video for him and I suspect he’d got to the point where he never thought it would happen, but true to my word we shot it a couple of weeks ago and put it online yesterday. 396 more words


Stockport and Haybes ; wartime links


Stockport and Haybes

It came as a surprise to learn, towards the end of 2013, that Stockport had a connection to a village in the French Ardennes, due to the First World War. 772 more words

World War One

Baby Splash at Stockport Grand Central

Since Tiny Daughter was about 6 months old I have been bringing her to Baby Splash at Grand Central Swimming Baths in Stockport. If, like me, you remember Grand Central for teenaged evenings lurking outside the Cinema chucking popcorn at whatever lad you fancied that week then it’s quite a shock to be coming here as a responsible parent. 518 more words


New Book The Blurb

Following news of the death of his Aunt and a mention in the will, Brad Johnson, an American from Marinette Wisconsin, is on a visit to Manchester England, researching his ancestral roots. 117 more words