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By Rachel Unkefer

96 millimeters square, concrete sheathed in brass,
smooth and shining, mortared among cobblestones.
Gedenken. To remember. Sprinkle these stumbling stones
across Frankfurt and Berlin and Hamburg. 186 more words


Memorial for the victims of Nazism

Stolpersteine (German for stumbling block, plural) are small metal memorials honoring victims of the the Nazi including gypsies, homosexuals, defectors, blacks, disabled individuals and anyone who opposed Hitler’s reign. 130 more words


Look Down to See the Art, Look Down to See the History and the Sadness

Chronicling the Roman Stumbling Blocks or Stolpersteine has been a special project of mine since I first became aware of their existence when I went to… 113 more words


Erfurt and Weimar: Where Goethe is God


Germans take their religion seriously, so please only take my title as a pun. But in all honesty, Goethe ruled the world during his time, and Erfurt and Weimar grandly honor his life and works. 1,479 more words

Stumbling Blocks: What Happens When Memorial Is Underfoot?

When I first moved to Germany, I was enchanted by the cobblestone streets in my city (I know, it doesn’t take much). Every day I traipsed – and tripped – along them, feeling ridiculously European. 336 more words