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The dinner dance

Stepping on a scale before deciding whether I’m worthy of my dinner or not, I feel ill… got a stomach ache from this week’s incessant purging, nauseous and in need of something salty. 57 more words

Stomach relief remedies from around the world

(PIX11)– Fight holiday stomach aches with natural remedies from around the world with Miranda Van Gelder from Dr. Oz: The Good Life.

LIVE AT 7:20AM: http://www.pix11.com/live

Seen On TV

Back on the omeprazole :-(

Today I took 40mg of omeprazole again. For the last month or so my acid reflux has been getting worse. I’ve suffered with a set back in my anxiety disorder and just constantly have an unsettled stomach, pain and acid reflux. 392 more words


#todaysconclusions 08/12/14

I will only eat tuna on a pizza when I haven’t paid for it.

I find the “my name is Jeff” videos stupidly funny. This makes me stupid. 88 more words


Day Eleven: Sick Day//Spa Day

How many of you (who aren’t parents) can say you got projectile vomited on? Well, today I joined that club. While feeding the baby today, it was actually her 1st birthday, she started screaming crying. 273 more words


Ginger/Mint/Lemon Tea



Today my husband woke up with a very achy stomach. My immediate reaction was to heat up some water and make a marvelously soothing and a helpfully curing tea for him. 198 more words


When Tummy Bugs Attack!

Ok, so usually it is not that dramatic, but getting the call to pick up, or seeing that first sign of nausea always makes my heart sink. 487 more words