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Willingness to Compromise

“I like their sandwiches! They always give you a stomach ache but they’re nice.”

Episode 5: The wobbly collywobbles

‘Every action has its consequences.’ I have heard it a million times but now was my time to get the taste of it. The bad pani poori messed up my stomach real bad. 205 more words


7 Foods To Help Ease Stomach Pain

As I laid in bed a couple nights ago I developed some severe stomach pains, which lasted all through yesterday. I couldn’t stomach anything, couldn’t even think of eating. 501 more words


Di-Gize and Celiac Disease

Di-Gize has saved me more than once!

I have Celiac Disease, which a condition where my body creates an auto-immune response if I eat anything with wheat, rye, barley or any derivatives thereof. 388 more words

Oil Blends

Apana Vayu Mudra / Hriday Mudra

Formation: Join the index finger to the base of thumb and join the tip of the thumb with middle and ring finger. Press the back of the index finger with thumb. 66 more words

Hasta Mudra

Bizarre remedy

A while back my mum advised me to drink charcoal because apparently it helps cure stomach problems- bloating, stomach aches etc. I am having a lot of stomach discomfort heavily bloated and it also feels like I have a wound in there if that makes any sense. 178 more words


I woke up sick this morning. My stomach is cramping and rolling around and I don’t want to eat anything that could make it want to continue. 166 more words