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Tummy Trouble

My 6-year-old is having some big feelings about school.

Today he came home from 1st grade complaining of a stomach ache.  He said his pain was a 1,110 out of 10. 486 more words


If eating gives you stomach ache check this out!

Just imagine, you can smell your dinner cooking, and then you see it there, waiting for you to tuck in.  It’s a wonderfully nutritious meal – let’s say some oily fish, with lots of lightly steamed vegetables – a grand balance of protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.  719 more words

A Love/Hate Relationship

Hey there, interesting title right? Curious as to what I am referring too? Don’t we all have MANY love/hate relationships? They can be so great but also not so great. 894 more words

I. Am. A. Mess.

My 6am shift has finally taken it’s toll upon me. I thought I was super woman…I clearly am not. I assumed my bionic body could handle a three hour sleep, so then I’d be awake at 4am and then leave my house 5am. 288 more words


Exploding lightbulb...

The lightbulb in my lamp in the ceiling exploded when I turned the light on! :o There was a BOOM! and then the little grey thingy (don’t know what they are called in English and too lazy to check the dictionary…) removed the electricity in my room and in the living room. 481 more words

The Feeling of the Season: Peppermint Tea

One thing that reminds me of Christmas is peppermint. This time of year you can find nearly every product in a peppermint flavor. Until now, I’ve tried peppermint candies, coffee creamers, and body products (lotion, scrub, etc.). 136 more words



On days like today, I am reminded that mother earth is inside us. That her feeling reflects us. When the skies darken, and the wind howls, the bitter cold bites at your skin like a knife. 366 more words