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Day 20- Any Vegan's Nightmare

Sorry for being late again. This time it’s not entirely my fault, I swear!

I am going to talk about more about this particular day as it was the first time I sinned. 682 more words

Good Food

Day 17- Constant hunger

That day I entered the period of excessive eating. And if I say excessive, I mean truckloads of food. At first I was confused and shocked by my seemingly uncontrollable appetite, but in retrospect everything makes sense. 212 more words

Good Food

tiny victory

it’s not even midnight yet, and i’m in bed already, teeth brushed, ready for sleeping. i didn’t eat anything after coming home and i did the dishes. 76 more words

Untold Stories

Paige 8 - Upset Stomach

Yesterday I woke up with an upset stomach, which lasted all day. Not sure what was up. Can’t help but wonder if it’s because I had been eating fairly healthy and endo-friendly all week and then ate whatever I wanted to this past weekend – particularly in the increase in wheat/gluten products I ate. 34 more words

Birth Control

The python and the pomegranate

There was a python who just loved to eat and sleep. That is what he would do all day long. Eat and sleep. Eat and sleep. 883 more words


After a bad case of a stomach-ache, tiredness and being overweight life changed drastically. Making the leap and sticking to a Gluten-free diet changed my life and made drastic changes visually and helping to make me more active in life.

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Willingness to Compromise

“I like their sandwiches! They always give you a stomach ache but they’re nice.”