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Day Eleven: Sick Day//Spa Day

How many of you (who aren’t parents) can say you got projectile vomited on? Well, today I joined that club. While feeding the baby today, it was actually her 1st birthday, she started screaming crying. 273 more words


Ginger/Mint/Lemon Tea



Today my husband woke up with a very achy stomach. My immediate reaction was to heat up some water and make a marvelously soothing and a helpfully curing tea for him. 198 more words


When Tummy Bugs Attack!

Ok, so usually it is not that dramatic, but getting the call to pick up, or seeing that first sign of nausea always makes my heart sink. 487 more words


Self Medication: Tummy Aches and Headaches

Alright. I didn’t want to tell my Lady this, but I hope this won’t worry her much.

I have been having a tummy ache since she left for her vacation. 280 more words

Self Reflection

Peppermint Essential Oil

Mentha piperita is peppermint’s botanical name.  It was first thought to be a species, but it is now known to be a hybrid cross of spearmint and watermint.  305 more words

Essential Oils

My night.

Mom’s sitting beside me, moaning because she has a stomach ache.  She gets sharp stabbing pains every time she eats now.  I don’t know why, and neither do the doctors.   143 more words

Hey, You've had A Bad Day

What does a bad day feel like to you? Do you ever notice how they just hit you out of no where? You wake up believing that today is just going to be like every other day, or most days at least, and then something horrible happens and you just know it’s going to be one of ‘those’ days. 602 more words

My Thoughts